Why SRK?

A typical ERP-oriented system may provide business users with raw data gathered from daily operations, yet offers little to no subjective analytical insights. It fails to deliver the business logic needed to drive further performance analysis and other complex computations, e.g. sales commission calculations or customer renewals.
In the past, the commonly adopted solution for business-driven analysis was tedious, time-consuming and prone to error: the Spreadsheet. Dependent on experienced team members to manually copy and paste data in order to gather and update data values, spreadsheet mashups were subject to inaccurate insights and inadequate sharing and access protocols.
DrivenBI’s SRK challenges this outdated methodology, providing centralized, flexible Data Analytics as a Service to replace spreadsheets in your business analysis for decision making.
As the business-driven solution, SRK meets both user and infrastructure desires by providing an intelligent, customized view of business insights, with less reliance on IT.
Engineered to be a subjective, analytical engine, SRK allows for the seamless aggregation of data across varied sources using common portable data standards. Against analytical logic locked in the SRK cloud, data from many sources may be applied through data import or a real-time web services feed. Accessible from any web browser on laptops or on mobile devices 24×7, SRK provides consistent, flexible analytics and results that are ready immediately after data import.
SRK analysis is powered by operational ownership through built-in multi-tenancy, achieving consistency and security in the cloud. Maintaining a high level of access control promotes self-reliance within departments and supports seamless actionable sharing and collaboration across an organization.