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Utility Performance: Economized

Utility Performance: Economized

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Company Profile

The brewing facilities of one of the largest brewing companies in the US are constantly collecting water consumption data throughout the brewing process, but they had difficulty turning that data into useful information. The company was looking to create a real-time defense against waste and inefficiency by automating the process of collecting and analyzing water consumption data, and creating real- time waste reports. containing actionable information.

Before using SRK Now with SRK
  • By the time engineers could visually identify equipment issues during their routine inspections, water leakage would have already exceeded critical thresholds.
  • Irregular or questionable meter readings would skew analysis and make it unusable.
  • Decentralized spreadsheet reports created by each plant manager or engineer result in extended periods of limited visibility to their production process efficiency and causing needless waste.
  • Automatically detect and replace irregular or questionable meter readings with average values to prevent analysis from being skewed by outliers.
  • Automatically record and replace irregular or questionable meter readings with an average value to prevent current analysis from being impacted by outliers.
  • Data is automatically consolidated to a centralized place, together with the analysis which updates automatically upon any data change. Achieving real time monitoring of utility consumption and its impact on production efficiency

  • Improve utility consumption efficiency with consistent, real time monitoring of actual usage against targets.
  • Defined thresholds to immediately identify potential equipment issues. Helping management prioritize maintenance inspections and save on labor and utility cost.
  • Empowered by real-time analysis that clearly identify utility waste to help improve production processes.