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Resource Management: Allocated

Resource Management: Allocated

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Company Profile

A $1B+ publicly traded corporation in the development, design, and manufacturing of automotive parts. They desired to manage the designing and manufacturing of parts, analyze the financial impact of their projects and eliminate manual spreadsheet input and analysis from their engineers. Real-time KPIs generated includes expenses and man-hours by department, by employee, and budget vs. actual by department, by job request, etc.

Before using SRK     Now with SRK
  • Consolidating multiple sources of data needs to be done through manual input each time.
  • Generating reports from current system requires processing data from beginning of fiscal year each time.
    • Must wait and manually watch system
  • Comparing expenses between model changes or between different vehicles requires manual aggregation, and cut and paste to create comparative expense analysis.
  • Configure centralized logic only once.
    • Data consolidation and analysis refresh automatically when new data is imported.
    • Quickly find the answers to analysis questions (e.g. comparing costs between different vehicles).
  • Automate data import process through scheduling. SRK stores historical data, allowing incremental data import, no need to re-process all data when generating reports.
  • Centralize and organize reports within SRK.
    • SRK can send out scheduled reports and automatic alerts.

  • Define thresholds for projects reaching 20% resource hours remaining and when 80% of the overall budget expended. Alert to take action and mitigate overrun.
  • Provide real time visibility into project costs to identify which operational procedures could be simplified to improve their resource utilization.