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Real Estate: Sold

Real Estate: Sold

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Company Profile

This is a leading real estate company in the United States with offices in Los Angeles, Florida, and New York. In Florida, their state ranking has been slowly declining and upper management wants to figure out why. One of their Supervisors was tasked to find the reason for the decline and how to improve it.

Before using SRK     Now with SRK
  • Management has no way of seeing state ranking trends without clicking into each month’s worksheet.
    • Difficult to identify when their rank began declining.
  • No visualizations or automatic notifications to easily identify problem areas such as aging property.
  • No ability to drill into their data to identify issues and how to fix the issues.
  • Difficulties in collaboration because multiple versions of spreadsheets are constantly emailed around.
  • Monthly state ranking trends all available at a glance.
  • Visualizations and automatic notifications when aging property exceeds 90 days.
  • Collaborate with real estate agents within SRK. Assign tasks and have a running conversation with the entire team.
  • Accessible with any internet capable mobile device.

  • Provide real-time analysis of housing sales trends and company performance to gain a competitive advantage in property sales.
  • Adjust listing prices based on market trends and days on market to help ensure the property sale maximizes profits.
  • Automatic notifications provide live updates to allow faster responses to market fluctuations.