SRK named one of the top twelve best self-serve analytics and business intelligence tools for enterprises

SRK is one of the twelve best self-serve BI tools for enterprises! In recent article from COMPUTERWORLD, our EVP of Global Sales, Kathleen Douglas, talks about how SRK innovatively removes the requirement for data modelling, warehouse, programming to offer true self-service BI solution for business professionals. By using SRK, business professionals can now get rid of the days of waiting for IT to generate a report or spending weeks mired in Excel.

Silicon Valley business intelligence software maker DrivenBI’s flagship product SRK was built to be usable with no IT skills. Kathleen Douglas, head of global sales at DrivenBI told Computerworld UK: “So no data modelling, warehouse, programming, ETL required.”

By offering a set of generic and custom connectors SRK can pull data from various data sources – be it an Oracle database, local file store or web services like Salesforce – into a dashboard. Granular access controls mean that a single report can be made by the head of sales, for example, but only the data relating to specific clients will be shown when opened by a member of the team with more limited rights.

Pricing for DrivenBI’s SRK software is available on a subscription licence basis and is priced on request. It can be deployed in the public or private cloud. DrivenBI counts 400 customers to date.

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