Introducing the exciting new User Experience for SRK, version 3.0!

We are excited to announce that a major release of our self-service data analysis platform and cloud data hub, SRK, will be available for all existing customers and new customers to use starting June 6, 2016!

In version 3.0, the user experience has been significantly enhanced to further advance the platform’s powerful self-service capabilities for the business user. The work space on SRK is expanded to provide exceptional visibility and clarity of your analysis, charts, and reports. A navigation bar is now the central location of activity for managing your organization’s data and analysis and exploring your analysis in detail by typing in a quick search or selecting a saved bookmark. The features on the left sidebar, previously used to navigate through your centralized data and analysis, are incorporated into the new, intuitive navigation bar at the top of the SRK webpage.

Every element of the user interface is designed for consistency and simplicity, such as button shapes and colors, text fonts and more. With the mobile business user in mind, SRK utilizes a responsive web design to optimize the viewing and interaction experience across multiple devices, ranging from desktops, laptops, tablets, to smartphones; the goal of all of the enhancements in this new version of the user interface are to further enrich the dynamic and self-service experience for our SRK customers.