Emerging UK-based Cost Management Consultancy Teams up with DrivenBI’s Leading Self-service Data Analysis Platform in the Cloud to Drive Client Costs Down

DrivenBI ends Barcanet’s search for cloud-based BI technology for their UK-based consultancy firm that could allow them to create a single, global view of previously inaccessible cost and usage data for their clients. The results of that search was the selection of DrivenBI’s SRK, a business user centric BI platform, that they use to generate key insights and enable their client CFOs and business leaders to make data-driven decisions simply and quickly to improve
their operations and their bottom line.

To achieve their goal, the Barcanet team evaluated many technologies and consulted leading technology research firms like The Aberdeen Group before choosing to partner with DrivenBI. There were many factors involved, but the key was providing the best and most efficient intelligence for their clients while minimizing infrastructure and IT costs, replacing manual repetitive spreadsheet analysis with powerful Self-Service centric software. The goal was to produce a single version-of truth from complex analysis with disparate data. DrivenBI’s Self-Service Cloud BI platform for business users delivered the ability to dynamically tackle the complex, high volumes of detailed data that Barcanet monitors for its clients on a daily basis with no need for programming or data warehousing.

Ian Yates, Managing Director at Barcanet, explained, “We augment our clients’ teams with a global network of subject matter experts and specialist audit, procurement and business analysts to bring local knowledge to a global challenge. The underlying technology we use helps us to focus more sharply on our clients’ costs and uncover critical issues quickly providing transparency, governance and savings across any expense, any asset and any usage on a programmatic basis. With DrivenBI’s SRK platform, instead of spending time to overcome technology, we can focus on data and analysis that we need to identify billing errors, inactive vendors, monthly average invoices versus forecast, and so much more. We often drill down into very detailed data to do our cost analysis and can easily roll-up to a meaningful level for the CFO to see the impact of those costs.”

“We are impressed with SRK’s extensive analysis and visualization capabilities to provide consistent, secure, and insightful reporting and dashboard visualizations to our clients, validate the results of our consulting effort and drive single-version-of truth to accomplish data-driven decisions,” he added.

About Barcanet:

Based in the UK, Barcanet uses big data techniques to create a single, global view of previously inaccessible cost and usage data in one technology platform and generates insight to help customers make simple data-driven decisions and drive efficiency. For more information, please contact Ian Yates, Director, at Ian.Yates@Barcanet.com.

About DrivenBI:

DrivenBI, headquartered in Los Angeles, California, is a rapidly growing software company specializing in both cloud and on premise Self-Service BI platform solutions, operating in U.S., Europe and Asia, with more than 300 customers worldwide. SRK is a breakthrough product offering Self-Service BI platform as an alternative to traditional IT centric BI solutions and manual spreadsheets. SRK is highly competitive with its innovative business user centric BI infrastructure, removing the requirements for traditional ETL, Data Warehousing and Programming. SRK offers superior performance and minimal IT support for set up and use. For more information, please contact Kathleen Douglas, EVP of Global Sales, at kdouglas@drivenbi.com.