DrivenBI Accelerates the SRK Solution, Enabling Multi-Dimensional Data Analysis without the Need for Data Warehouse

DrivenBI announced today that SRK, its Self-Service Cloud based Data Analysis Platform now supports multi-dimensional analysis with its latest feature, the Pivot View. This latest advance builds on the reputation of SRK as a Business Intelligence solution that does not require a traditional data warehouse and eliminates the need for often-complex programming.

In addition to SRK’s centrally-controlled logic, access control, and collaboration features, SRK now offers an innovative product capability that empowers business users to develop multi-dimensional analysis on the fly against dynamically generated online analytical processing (OLAP) cubes – without a data warehouse, data modeling, or programming technique. In contrast to other BI solutions, multi-dimensional analysis with SRK is a simple drag-and-drop of the desired column fields, row fields and value fields.

DrivenBI founder and CEO, Ben Tai says, “The most important distinction between SRK and other BI tools is that SRK was built from the ground up for business users – no programming, no data warehouse. Other BI tools rely heavily on IT departments to establish the traditional IT centric BI infrastructure. Many even require programming, and are made available to business users by IT based on specific data analysis requirements.”

With SRK’s Pivot View, users can easily analyze how their business is performing by drilling down to reveal the detailed breakdown, and rolling up to reveal the aggregated summary. Pivot View is also equipped with charts that are rendered based on the granularity of the analysis, and will also immediately reflect the change as users drill into or roll up the analysis, thereby providing interactive and stunning visualization. Behind the scenes, SRK leverages big data technology including Hadoop, coupled with DrivenBI’s proprietary technology. SRK is able to process enormous amounts of data, support analysis scenarios that are challenged to deliver using relational database technology, and at the same time offers optimal performance.

DrivenBI CEO Ben Tai continues, “We believe that business users should take back control of their own dynamic and real-time analysis needs, and SRK is the answer.”

About DrivenBI

DrivenBI was founded in 2006, and is headquartered in Pasadena, CA. DrivenBI is a rapidly growing software company specializing in both cloud and on premise BI data analysis platform solutions, operating both in U.S. and Asia, with more than 200 customers worldwide. SRK is a breakthrough product offering Self-Service BI platform as an alternative to complex IT centric BI tools and Spreadsheets. SRK is highly competitive with its innovative business user centric BI infrastructure, removing the requirements for traditional ETL, Data Warehouse and Programming. SRK offers superior performance, and minimal IT dependency for set up and use. For more information, please contact Kathleen Douglas, SVP of Sales & Alliances at kdouglas(at)drivenbi(dot)com or visit the company website at