Civic Resource Group, World Leader in Providing Mobile, Data, and Cloud Technology to Governments and the Public Sector, Utilizes DrivenBI’s Cloud-Based, Self-Service Data Analysis Platform to Optimize Resource Management.

Civic Resource Group (CRG), one of the world’s leading technology providers headquartered in Los Angeles, CA and Dublin, Ireland, selected DrivenBI’s innovative and patented data analysis platform in the cloud, SRK, to analyze project profitability, employee billing, and employee costs. Using SRK’s Cloud-based self-service data analysis platform, CRG analyzes their KPI’s dynamically and accurately to better support their just-in-time decisions in allocating its resources and monitoring their project finances efficiently.

In addition to replacing their existing manual spreadsheet analysis, CRG used SRK to create real time and proactive resource management analytics to track employee utilization and project cost. SRK quickly eliminated the repetitive manual labor needed to build the same weekly and monthly spreadsheet reports which freed CRG’s employees to concentrate on other essential operations. SRK enabled CRG to automate project data import, centralize their data from multiple systems, centralize analysis logic, and create reports with a single version of the truth.

Senior Director of global Finance and Operations at CRG, says “SRK allowed us to remove the manual processes and complexity in our analysis process which was eating up much of our time and resources. First, the data import was automated which centralizes all of our data in the cloud. Once it is imported, SRK automatically applies our analysis logic to the new data and gives us live, just-in-time analysis. Further, we can schedule when our reports are generated and share with the appropriate parties online and/or by hard copies. This allows us to allocate resources originally used to create these reports, to other important projects.”

SRK, designed with a business user focus, allows CRG to easily make real time ad-hoc adjustments to their reports based on their evolving needs and specifications. They can quickly drill down into their resource management report and change the dimensions to view their analysis from different angles, such as by project, project owner, or employee. Each team members’ target utilization is then immediately identified by comparing their actual hours worked with their scheduled hours.

Using SRK not only helps CRG generate resource management reports just-in-time and increase profits by optimizing employee utilization, but also provides an immediate benefit by freeing resources that can be allocated to other critical tasks.

About Civic Resource Group:

Civic Resource Group (CRG) is a leading innovator in the Smart City market. The Company pioneered CivicConnect™, its first-of-a-kind unified data/mobile/augmented reality platform for smart cities, smart government, and smart citizens. The Company most recently introduced CivicAR™, a unique mobile Augmented Reality (AR) solution for the public sector. CRG has been “Fulfilling the Promise of Technology™” for the broad public sector, helping to harness digital advances to connect with constituents and deliver better and more efficient services. The Company is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA and Dublin, Ireland. In 2015 CRG was named to the list of Top 20 Government Technology Providers and Top 20 Public Sector Solution Providers along with being spotlighted as “Public Sector Augmented Reality Leader” by Wall Street Forensics. CRG is a new breed of Company blending the best of technology, design and communications in the digital age to support Smart Cities, Smart Government, and Smart Citizens.

About DrivenBI:

DrivenBI, headquartered in Los Angeles, California, is a rapidly growing software company specializing in both cloud and on premise Self-Service BI platform solutions, operating in U.S., Europe and Asia, with more than 300 customers worldwide. SRK is a breakthrough product offering Self-Service BI platform as an alternative to traditional IT centric BI solutions and manual spreadsheets. SRK is highly competitive with its innovative business user centric BI infrastructure, removing the requirements for traditional ETL, Data Warehousing and Programming. SRK offers superior performance and minimal IT support for set up and use. For more information, please contact Kathleen Douglas, VP of Global Sales and Marketing, at