SRK for Manufacturers – Utility Performance Analytics

UPA Quick Start Program provides a two-phased approach:

All manufacturers can benefit from improving utility performance by increasing process efficiency and reducing waste; but do you know where and how to start?

Utility Performance Analytics (UPA) is a cloud-based solution powered by SRK technology, which is designed by DrivenBI in conjunction with Meehan Consulting Engineers, Inc. UPA is purposely designed to quickly and easily identify deviations in process parameters in real time and to improve processes in utility production and consumption for water, boilers, natural gas, electricity and other utility systems. The solution provides metering data in a format that simplifies the process of deciphering the information necessary for maximizing performance and profitability and minimizing utility waste of your manufacturing processes.


Basic implementation (using existing metering)

  • Collect data from the existing control network
  • Develop analysis and reporting using the existing data streams
  • Identify additional metering requirements necessary for optimum utility performance analysis


Extended implementation

  • Design and install new meters and provide more complete reporting to provide full capability of UPA
  • Provide expert analysis to continuously improve manufacturing processes

Improve performance in 4 simple steps:


Assess current manufacturing processes

  • Determine production/usage and goals
  • Customize analysis and presentation of utility data


Monitor on-going production/usage against goals

  • Identify areas where waste is occurring
  • Alert and notify operators for process deviations in real time via email and text messages


Identify opportunities to improve efficiency of the manufacturing process

  • Improve operating procedures
  • Identify maintenance requirements
  • Develop process modifications


Adjust goals to improve manufacturing efficiency

  • Adjust goals as system improvements are made
  • Develop analysis and reporting using the existing data streams
  • Identify additional metering requirements necessary for optimum utility performance analysis

UPA Soft Water Generation

UPA Soft Water Cooling Towers

To get started:

  1. A phone interview will be conducted to understand customer’s interest by using a simple questionnaire
  2. A site visit will be scheduled to review the existing utility systems and data collection
  3. Fixed price proposal will be turned around quickly
  4. Implementation to be completed within weeks, not months

About DrivenBI:

DrivenBI analytical cloud-based services are created for ease of use, consistency of results and facilitation of cross-department collaboration by business line managers, reducing reliance on IT. Founded in 2006 and managed by a seasoned team of data management experts, DrivenBI powers data analytics and business insights in the cloud for organizations worldwide. With proven success in activating business intelligence to meet the bottom line, the DrivenBI team develops technologies that merge data to map to your specific target goals and increase revenue.

About Meehan Consulting Engineers, Inc.:

Meehan Consulting Engineers, Inc. provides engineering services to industrial clients specializing in Food and Beverage, Packaging, and General Manufacturing process design with an emphasis on sustainability. Clients include MillerCoors, Anheuser-Busch, Nestle, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Ocean Spray, Tropicana, and Heinz. Meehan Consulting Engineers, Inc. provides full-service engineering which includes mechanical, process, electrical design, construction management, and sustainability.
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