From Spreadsheet Analysis to SRK

Innovative real-time and actionable analysis

SRK is a superior alternative to “spreadsheet analysis” for enterprises. SRK empowers business users to deliver their real-time analysis without depending on error-prone spreadsheets. Excel helps users create individual-purposed analysis using static “spreadsheets” whereas SRK delivers enterprise-purposed analysis with real-time live “views.”

Challenges of Spreadsheet Analysis:

  • Intensive manual process
    • Time-consuming, error-prone, and repetitive
  • Weak data validation and non-existent version control
    • A typo or copy/paste error could ruin an entire report by presenting false results
    • To trace back and figure out where/how things went wrong is very time-consuming
  • Access control
    • No record level access control.
  • Collaboration fully relies on people’s discipline
    • In reality, email threads get messy pretty fast.

1. Prepare Data

  • Intensive manual process, error-prone
    • Typo or copy/paste error can easily produce incorrect report results
  • Multiple versions of the same spreadsheet coexist
  • Hard to trace back to fix errors

  • Thorough data validation
  • Centralized data and analytical logic
  • Automated bulk and incremental data import
  • Real time view refresh as new data come in
  • Audit logs to keep track of who/what/when
Centralized data and analytical logic in the cloud
2. Build Cross Reference Analysis

  • Manually combining data from multiple spreadsheets is error-prone
  • Advanced Excel programming feature such as VLOOKUP() is difficult for business users to use
  • Unable to handle large data set
    • With hundreds of thousands of records Excel’s performance slows dramatically and may not even be able to handle the size of the file

  • Custom View provides powerful features through easy-to-use UI
    • Matching field is much more intuitive than VLOOKUP()
    • Preview provides a great way of verifying changes before actually applying them
    • Filter & highlight is more powerful than what Excel offers (SRK allows any combination of AND and OR conditions)
    • Grouping data fields is easy
    • Period-over-period comparison in just a few clicks
  • Easily handles millions of records
Easily handle huge amount of structured and unstructured data
3. Build Multi-dimensional Analysis

  • To roll up on a Pivot Chart, need to either remove field from Pivot Table or to configure grouping
  • Filtering capability on Pivot Table is limited
    • Only supports equality comparison
  • Not capable of easily dealing with a large data set

  • Rollup and drilldown operations can be performed on both Pivot Table and Pivot Chart without having to re-configure the Pivot View
  • Full-fledged filter capability (the same as Custom View)
  • Built on top of Big Data technologies to easily handle large and/or unstructured data sets
Easily perform rollup and drilldown operations on multi-dimensional analysis
4. Deliver Analysis Results

  • Manual report generation and distribution. Have to keep generating copies of the same report with different data and/or for different people
    • Easily gets out of control. Just finding the latest report could be a big challenge
  • Access control does not apply to record levels
  • No scheduling of reports. The manual process has to be repeated over and over again each time a report is required

  • Scheduled report generation and delivery
    • Automatically generate reports based on user-defined schedule. Automatically delivers reports via emails as PDF attachments
  • Role-based record level access control
    • No need to create multiple copies of the same report just for the purpose of delivering to people with different ranks
  • With scheduled data import, the entire process can be fully automated
Role-based record level access control and fully automated report generation and delivery cycle

The Manual and Labor-Intensive Analysis – The Individual-Purposed

Spreadsheet Analysis

SRK – The Self-Service Cloud Data and Collaboration Hub – The Enterprise-Purposed Way

SRK - the Cloud Data Hub

With SRK you are able to centralize all business data and analytical logic, ensure data accuracy and consistency through data validation, and minimize manual errors through an intuitive and user-friendly processes without needing complicated programming. Take advantage of our actionable report sharing, automatic alerts and collabo- ration to improve your business performance. Enforce security with fine-granular access control and always keep track of what has happened with audit trails. SRK offers everything that spreadsheet analysis has to offer, and a lot more in an easy-to-use central platform.