SRK for Salesforce

SRK for Salesforce extends the reporting and analytical capabilities of Salesforce CRM in a fully integrated Salesforce environment:
  • Lock Analytics Logic in the SRK Cloud

    Consistently merge, collate and process Salesforce report data from one or more Salesforce reports which users created in one or cross Salesforce functional areas all inside Salesforce

  • Extraction and Analysis from Other Sources

    Merge non-Salesforce data with existing Salesforce reports

  • Salesforce Chatter Compatible and Calendar Integrated

    Receive alerts when tasks are scheduled and reports are sent

  • Actionable Sharing with Salesforce

    Simply manage and share all your Salesforce analytics from one place from any device

  • No more replying on exporting or doing analytics with spreadsheets

Access SRK for Salesforce application on the Salesforce AppExchange.