SRK for AutoCAD Users

DrivenBI offers AutoCAD connector in SRK Importer.

Incorporate AutoCAD Design into your streamlined data analysis process to drive cost saving and productivity.

Adding AutoCAD integration as part of SRK allows CAD designs to connect directly to business data and instantly show how designs impact overall project costs. With SRK plus its AutoCAD connectivity, customers are able to streamline design approval and data analyzing process, improve accuracy of data and analysis, and most importantly, enable the management team to focus on making timely and smart decisions that will drive their business. Integrating BI and AutoCAD can offering have immeasurable benefit on warehousing, material handling, logistics, and so on. SRK, along with its AutoCAD connectivity, would offer quick access to insights, help companies make strategic decisions around resource allocation, innovation and IT investments, allowing them to drive greater cost savings and productivity.

Typical implementation:

Streamline your process and obtain quick access to insights in 3 simple steps.


Set up automatic import for our AutoCAD design files

  • Download and install SRK Importer (free to all SRK subscribers)
  • Configure the SRK Importer to pick up AutoCAD design files from a designated location and import data contained in the design file to designated Data Series in SRK.


Build analysis in SRK

  • Identify areas you want to monitor where your AutoCAD design would have impact on your business (e.g., the cost). And identify KPI’s for those business areas.
  • Build analysis for monitoring your KPI’s. Including AutoCAD design data (e.g., shelf dimensions from a store floor plan) as part of your analysis.


Get quick access to insights and improve productivity

  • Set up automatic alert in SRK with user-defined criteria (e.g., shelf space occupancy ratio exceeded threshold).
  • As the data from each revision of AutoCAD design are automatically imported into the system, users will get email alert as soon as the system detects anything that would have impact on customer’s KPI’s.
  • User can create tasks based on email alerts. Thus collaborating with the design team using SRK. With data import, analysis generation, and collaboration all centralized in one platform, customers are able to make timely decisions to drive their business.

SRK AutoCAD analysis Dashboard

About DrivenBI:

Usable by business professionals in just a few days, DrivenBI delivers the only Cloud-Native Self-Service solution that requires zero involvement from technical professionals. Where other BI vendors claim ease-of-use, they refer to IT’s ability to administer. With DrivenBI, all data is available in the cloud without having to build or use a warehouse. Its SRK data analysis platform gives users the ability to bring in their own data, build analysis according to their own specific dynamic requirements, and collaborate with colleagues with actionable sharing. DrivenBI is redefining self-service data analytics by completely removing the IT-centric complexity.

Viable for any vertical market, the SRK platform is used by business professionals responsible for finance, inventory control, corporate-wide KPIs, marketing, operations, resource management, and sales. It dramatically improves the productivity of business professionals who have switched from spreadsheets/ERP, embedded BI, and other traditional BI tools.

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