Planning for SRK Implementation

Building your analysis in SRK can be planned and carried out in two stages – the initial implementation for limited production and the subsequent incremental implementation for broader production rollout. Each stage is executed as a separate project.

1. Initial Implementation Project

This is the first stage of building your analysis in SRK, which involves selectively implementing several analyses that are crucial to your day-to-day business decision making of one (or a few) functional/departmental area(s), and then rolling out the analyses to a relatively smaller group of users.

When it comes to building analysis, there are two types of users in SRK – Power Users who develop, maintain, and update the analysis, and View Users who design, review, and test the analysis and take corresponding actions based on the analysis results. The initial implementation project is executed in two phases and in each phase, Power Users and View Users would work together by fulfilling their own responsibilities.

Phase I: Analysis Development and Limited Production Rollout

  • View User:
    1. Identify the analysis to be built in SRK. Provide detailed requirements including but not limited to source data, data process logic, and the expected outputs.
    2. Review the analysis built by Power User and provide feedback.
    3. Participate in the initial production rollout.
  • Power User:
    1. Participate in DrivenBI training sessions. Learn how to develop analysis in SRK.
    2. Develop analysis in SRK based on the requirements provided by View Users and fine tune the analysis based on View User feedback.
    3. Conduct initial production rollout to View Users, i.e., have View Users use SRK for their business analysis in their day-to-day work.

Phase II: Broader Production Rollout

  • View User:
    • Participate in the production rollout and provide feedback to Power User.
  • Power User:
    • Roll out the analysis developed in Phase I to a larger scale of View Users. E.g., View Users in the same functional areas across departments, View Users in the same department/functional area but are geographically separated, etc.

2. Incremental Implementation Project

After the initial implementation project, the same two-phase implementation strategy can be executed repeatedly. Each round of the execution is regarded as a separate incremental project, which involves building more analyses in SRK for other functional/departmental areas of your organization and rolling out the analyses to a wider group of users.

DrivenBI’s Product Consulting team has in-depth knowledge of SRK and project experience to help you to get started.

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