SRK Prototyping Process

Prototyping in SRK is a method for proving and visualizing how you and your organization can use SRK with your own data. You will be invited by your DrivenBI Account Executive to begin the process, kicking off by a discovery session and followed up by a prototype demonstration session, with a DrivenBI Product Consultant working together with you.

Step 1: What should I bring to the discovery session?

Identify one or two sample reports that your company is using to make important business decisions.  For example:

  • Sales vs. Target
  • Expenses vs. Budget
  • Inventory Replenishment

Bring those reports to the discovery session. And it is highly desired that you also bring the owner of those reports to the session.

Step 2: What would I expect during the discovery session?

During the discovery session, DrivenBI Product Consultant will work together with you to understand your current process of creating those reports and the challenges you are facing. Our Product Consultant will also provide you with an idea of how SRK can address your challenges.  Below are some typical questions we will ask during the session as well as some sample answers for your reference:

  • Where does the source data come from?
    • Exported from operational systems (ERP, CRM, etc.) or SQL database in the format of CSV/XLS file
    • From a number of manually maintained spreadsheets
  • What is your current process of creating those reports? What logic/calculation is applied to the source data? What is the current output of your reports and what is the output you expected?  For example:
    • Every week our finance people manually consolidate this report from six other spreadsheets from three different departments.
    • We calculate our actual Sales based on … And the formula can be found in the spreadsheet.
    • We currently get one chart on monthly revenue per department only. It would be great to combine different departments into one chart and show corresponding targets as well.

Step 3: What’s next after the discovery session?

DrivenBI will schedule a live prototype demonstration session with you in about a week after the discovery session, to show you and others in your organization how your analysis works in SRK and discuss the next steps.

DrivenBI’s Product Consulting team has in-depth knowledge of SRK and project experience to help you to get started.

Example of sales data and analysis

Data: Daily Actual Sales (Exported from ERP)

Data: Monthly Target Sales (Set at begining of the year in Excel)

Analysis: 2016 Actual vs Target Sales Analysis (Created in Excel)

Download the Data Sheet下載資料單張