SRK Power User Training

About the Course

The SRK Power User Training provides you an overall understanding of the main concepts and key features of SRK, allowing you to take full advantage of its capabilities. This course offers a comprehensive walkthrough of the 4 key steps of using SRK to build your own analysis, using an example of an analysis scenario, to drive the learning of (1) data imports, (2) analysis development, (3) applying functions such as computations, formatting and aggregations, and (4) joining multiple data sources.

The SRK Power User Training is designed to expedite the SRK learning process, ensuring familiarity with the SRK platform. Class content and materials are structured to promote proficiency with SRK’s capabilities, to empower users to build their own analysis.

In the event that you require training using your own specific scenario, DrivenBI offers customized workshops. Please contact your sales representative to work out your detailed requirements. We are more than happy to customize your training for your specific needs. However the SRK Power User training is not designed to be customized for your unique training requirements.

Course Format

The SRK Power User Training is delivered through a one day instructor led, scenario and exercise based class through GoToMeeting.

Course Agenda

In the SRK Power User Training, you will learn how to:

  • Import data into SRK
  • Create cross-reference analysis using Custom View with computations, aggregations, and matching to join multiple data sources
  • Create multi-dimensional analysis using Pivot View that can drilldown and rollup
  • Create dashboard using PageTM to show multiple correlated analyses
  • Create Task for group collaboration
  • Configure user access into SRK Organization
  • Configure role based record level access control for security control
  • Configure notification for automatic alert

Target Audience

  • Business and IT users

Recommended Background

  • No specific technical background is required
  • No prior programming experience is required
  • Previous experience in using Excel to build analysis is preferred


Course Syllabus

This Course will teach you how to:

Importing Data:

  • Create a data series and import data into your SRK Organization

Create Cross Reference Analysis:

Create Custom View:

  • Utilize charts and features such as filtering and grouping to find trends and subtotals

Perform Computations:

  • Implement simple math computations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division in SRK and extract portions of data from a field

Perform Aggregations:

  • Aggregate multiple rows of records to create summary level analysis
  • Cumulate value totals over a period of time

Create Custom View with Multiple Data Sources:

  • Use matching fields to join data sources

Create Multi-Dimensional Analysis:

Create Pivot View:

  • Drilldown or rollup your data

Create Dashboard:

Create PageTM with correlated charts:

  • Prepare charts and reports to display on a page

Administrative Features:

  • Configure user access into SRK organization


  • Configure role based record level access control for the users in your organization


Create Tasks:

  • Create and assign tasks for users in your organization


  • Configure alerts for automatic notification