SRK Administrative Training

About the Course

SRK Administrative Training provides an in-depth understanding of the advanced features and administrative configurations of SRK. The course offers a comprehensive walkthrough of how to configure SRK when rolling out analysis to your end users.

The training content and materials are deliberately designed to ensure the correct and effective execution of SRK administrative jobs such as provisioning users and roles, setting up role-based record-level access control, configuring object sharing, and customizing the user homepage to name a few. With the help of SRK’s Administrative Training, you will be able to effectively manage your analysis as well as organize your end users to your own organization’s particular administrative specifications.

In the event that you require training using your own specific scenario, DrivenBI offers customized workshops. Please contact your sales representative to work out your detailed requirements. We are more than happy to customize your training to meet your specific needs. However, the SRK Administrative Training is not designed to be customized for your unique training requirements.

Course Format

The Administrative Training is delivered through a one day instructor led, scenario and exercise based class through GoToMeeting.

Course Agenda

In the SRK Administrative Training, you will learn how to:

  • Apply a Health Check
  • Configure user access and roles
  • Configure object sharing settings
  • Configure record level access control
  • Configure minimum requirements for sharing data and views
  • Schedule reports
  • Manage Reports, Tasks, and Pages
  • Configure the Collaboration Hub
  • Automate data import

Target Audience

  • Business and IT users


  • SRK Standard Training

Course Syllabus

This Course will teach you how to:

Apply a Health Check:

  • Clean up obsolete views and fix views broken by user error

Configure user access and roles:

  • Add users to your organization and assign privileges
  • Create and assign roles to your users

Configure object sharing settings:

  • Share objects with your organization, roles, or users

Configure record level access control:

  • Control the amount of confidential data that can be seen by any user or role

Configure minimum requirements for sharing data and views:

  • Review the minimum requirements needed to share data with your users

Customize the homepage:

  • Assign dashboards to be seen by specific users or roles upon login
  • Quickly switch between dashboards on the homepage

Automate report schedules:

  • Schedule when and how often you want reports to be created by SRK
  • Configure report access for users

Manage Reports, Tasks, and Pages:

  • Keep track of user access permissions, authors, and the last modified dates of objects

Configure the Collaboration Hub:

  • Share documents with other members in the organization from within SRK

Automate data import:

  • Select from the different importers available to you in SRK
  • Schedule when and how often you want data to be imported into SRK