Professional Services

SRK Prototyping Process

Prototyping in SRK is a method for proving and visualizing how you and your organization can use SRK with your own data. You will be invited by your DrivenBI Account Executive to begin the process, kicking off by a discovery session and followed up by a prototype demonstration session, with a DrivenBI Product Consultant working together with you.

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SRK Power User Training

The SRK Power User Training provides you an adequate understanding of the main concepts and key features of SRK, allowing you to take full advantage of its capabilities. The training content and materials are deliberately designed to promote proficiency with SRK’s capabilities, to expedite the learning process while ensuring learning effectiveness, and ultimately to empower business users to build their own analysis.

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SRK Administrative Training

The SRK Advanced Training offers a more comprehensive, in-depth explanation of those SRK features for rolling out the analysis built by your administrative users to your end users. The training content and materials are deliberately designed to ensure the correct and effective execution of SRK administrative jobs such as provisioning user and roles, setting up role-based record-level access control, configuring object sharing, and customizing user homepage to name a few. With the help of the SRK Advanced Training, you will be able to effectively manage your analysis as well as your end users in SRK to your own organization’s particular administrative specifications.

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Project Based / On Demand Consulting Services

Our professional consulting services will help you quickly maximize the benefit of using SRK. Let our experts assist you in designing and building your analysis so that you can focus on rolling out the new and better paradigm of insightful business decision-making within your organization, based on the dynamic and just in time analysis offered by SRK.

SRK Custom Training Workshop

Our SRK Custom Training Workshop takes you one step further along the way of taking full advantage of SRK’s capabilities. In additional to building your analyses for you, our experts will also arrange workshops and share with you how your analyses were built, offering you best practices and tips so that you can maintain your analyses or build new ones with ease.

Health Check Services

With SRK, you would have no problem building your own analysis. Even so, you can still use our experts to help perform a thorough and systematical inspection of your organization’s analysis, data import setup, and security configuration, etc. All in all, we offer our professional expertise to help you get the most out of using SRK, in a timely and cost-effective manner.