Use Cases

The self-service Analysis Engine in the cloud

SRK Replaces Spreadsheets in your business analysis for decision making

Easily filter, sort, analyze and report data in its raw form with SRK’s powerful cloud-based analytics platform.
As an efficient analysis engine, SRK puts data in a cohesive customer centric formats that are beneficial to all users at all levels and map to individual business requirements and government mandates.
Discover the myriad of ways that both industries and businesses have activated DrivenBI’s cloud-based analytics platform for consistent, agile analysis and processing of data.

  • SRK Value Proposition

    DrivenBI’s SRK cloud-based self-service data analysis platform offers the alternative to expensive and complex IT dependent Business Intelligence (BI) tools and time-consuming, error-prone spreadsheet analysis. SRK is designed to empower nontechnical business users to develop dynamic analysis for decision making through its innovative approach that releases business users from having to depend on IT to build and maintain ETL processes and a Data Warehouse. Self-service with SRK means no reliance on IT infrastructure and technical programming skills.

  • Real Estate: Sold

    This is a leading real estate company in the United States with offices in Los Angeles, Florida, and New York. In Florida, their state ranking has been slowly declining and upper management wants to figure out why. One of their Supervisors was tasked to find the reason for the decline and how to improve it.

  • Resource Management: Allocated

    A $1B+ publicly traded corporation in the development, design, and manufacturing of automotive parts. They desired to manage the designing and manufacturing of parts, analyze the financial impact of their projects and eliminate manual spreadsheet input and analysis from their engineers. Real-time KPIs generated includes expenses and man-hours by department, by employee, and budget vs. actual by department, by job request, etc.

  • Progressive Retail Analysis: Trending

    A publicly listed (NYSE) apparel manufacturer and sales company wanted greater visibility into how well their sales process was performing from sales to orders to fulfillment. Their challenge was that their data was sitting in manual spreadsheets and multiple systems: ERP, financial system, Salesforce CRM, and a legacy data warehouse. The goal was to centralize the data in one secure location and provide real-time updates and insights for their sales team and management.

  • Construction Clash Analysis: Prioritized

    How does a best-in-class construction company reduce expenses related to clashes in the field? In the planning phase of a single construction project, there can be thousands of conflicts involving equipment, scheduling, and regulations. In order to resolve these conflicts in the most efficient and cost effective manner, they required a platform that could analyze which clash cost the most and prioritize the order in which to resolve them. SRK, DrivenBI’s cloud based data analysis platform, is the solution. Yielding enterprise grade analytics coupled with consumer grade ease of use and delivered in a fraction of the time required by other systems or solutions.

  • External and Internal data: Gathered

    This is a sporting goods store that sells recreational types of transportation such as bicycles, skateboards, and scooters online. They needed a centralized platform to achieve greater visibility across department and to apply accurate sales and advertising strategies to its products and target customers.

  • Cross-Functional Analysis: Enabled

    How does the Senior Living Industry know if analyses from individual departments have impact on other departments or will help them draw better insights across their operations? Practically, how can they compare individual KPIs and standardize performance metrics across all their departments to achieve cross-functional KPI analyses?

  • Sales and Policy Renewals: Analyzed

    This is a national insurance firm specializing in property and casualty insurance. They needed a secure place to centralize data across the business to monitor metrics related to product portfolio, marketing performance, and claims history to gain seamless insight into sales performance and enhance sales growth.

  • Salesforce Reporting: Extended

    In the course of using for sales operations or marketing management, users often need to integrate or compare data from the CRM with outside data sources. Data from sources such as commission systems or inventory accounting, kept inside Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, are frequently compared to correlated data from inside Salesforce.

  • Maintenance Services: Supervised

    To provide top quality maintenance services to customers, companies need to actively stay on top of company performance, making sure they are constantly maximizing uptime and minimizing downtime for all customers using their equipment. Acting upon this real time analysis, companies could benefit from collaborating between departments within the same organization and with customers to provide the best service levels achievable. Companies need a simple, flexible and scalable analysis platform that can easily assist in creating dynamic analysis and providing cross-operational collaboration within the same organization and with customers.

  • Gaming Industry: Realized

    The eSports scene has grown to uncontrollable heights, with bigger tournaments, larger viewership, and millions of gamers playing every single minute. This sudden boom in popularity has increased the demand for companies, i.e., gaming producers to understand the habits of its users in order to come up with the most effective marketing strategies.

  • Utility Performance: Economized

    The brewing facilities of one of the largest brewing companies in the US are constantly collecting water consumption data throughout the brewing process, but they had difficulty turning that data into useful information. The company was looking to create a real-time defense against waste and inefficiency by automating the process of collecting and analyzing water consumption data, and creating real- time waste reports. containing actionable information.

  • Manufacturing: Optimized

    How does a manufacturing company constantly stay on top of production to ensure optimal production output that will meet market demands and maximize profits? It takes endless gathering of large amounts of operational data from their sales, marketing, inventory, and other data sources to help create their production data analysis. This is not just a tedious, error-prone process, but often times this analysis lags, creating extended periods of limited visibility and needless loss of business opportunities.

  • Investigation KPIs: Deployed

    How does an investigation management system that is utilized by over 50 insurance carriers worldwide deploy self-service data analysis for its clients? With carriers located across the world and each processing thousands of claims every day, they required an analysis platform that would enable their clients to customize KPIs and reports to each of their needs. Understanding that data-driven analysis can enhance their clients’ ability to communicate with their customers, management teams, and employees, they sought a self-service and collaborative analysis platform designed for non-technical users.

  • Itemized Reporting: Streamlined

    How does a west-coast based hospital drive the financial analysis and operational workflow of their service lines, facilities, and physicians, which are all spread across multiple facilities in various locations? The amount of data generated by their EHR, HR, and other disparate data sources can be staggering, especially when the data needs to be secured according to federal privacy guidelines, namely HIPAA. Faced with internal and external scrutiny over persistent cost and data security issues, the hospital sought a flexible, cost-effective, and secure analysis platform.

  • Inventory Control: Simplified

    One of the largest auto retailer dealership groups needed to drive inventory control across 40 dealerships and their service departments. Faced with scrutiny over persistent inventory issues resulting in costly parts surpluses and shortages, the central headquarters sought a solution that could automatically cross-reference and analyze parts demand and real time inventory stock levels among all dealerships.

  • Customer Renewals: Increased

    Companies interested in maintaining profitable long-term relationships with their customers, focus on improving their customer service and satisfaction. As a direct product vendor or a channel partner, a significant tie to your customers is renewals.

  • Public Sector: Improved

    In today’s ever evolving demands on the public sector, data-driven analysis has become essential to helping the city, county, and state levels of government to improve public services when achieve their proactive budget controls. A government agency needs a cost effective solution that also takes advantage of the power of today’s cloud based and self-service oriented BI technologies other than IT centric BI tools or individual-based spreadsheet analysis.