SRK: The Cloud-Native Self-Service BI Platform

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Carrying forward the intellectual legacy of iDMS, SRK is DrivenBI’s second generation business intelligence product, a cloud-native self-service BI platform designed and built to empower business users with an intuitive means to access real-time, accurate business insights within a centralized, secure, and collaborative environment.
SRK cloud-native self-service BI platform offers:

  • Seamless Aggregation — Consolidate and aggregate structured and unstructured data from various sources using industry-standard data formats and protocols.
  • Automated Analytics — Automate and streamline data blending, data processing, and report generation to implement versatile analysis and agile reporting.
  • Collaborative Operation – Promote efficient teamwork by easily sharing and immediately responding to your actionable analysis results across the organization.
  • Centralized Control – Enhance data integrity, security, and logic consistency in a multi-tenant cloud environment with record level access control.
  • Built-in Mobility – Access your data and analysis anywhere and anytime by personal computer, tablet, or smart phone via a responsive web UI.


Why SRK?

» An innovative alternative for spreadsheet analysis and traditional BI

Even nowadays, spreadsheet is still one of the most commonly adopted “solution” for business-driven data analysis. However, the process is tedious, time-consuming, and error-prone, and is largely dependent upon experienced team members to manually manipulate data and calculate results. Analysis done by spreadsheet is subject to inaccurate insights and inadequate data security.

As for traditional BI, its IT-dependent nature requires IT expertise to work with technologies such as ETL and data warehouse, and to go through the traditional Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) in order to produce the analysis demanded by business. But what business users need the most are ad-hoc and dynamic analytics that can provide just-in-time answers to support their critical business decision making.

DrivenBI SRK boldly challenges outdated methods. Offering a cloud-native, self-service, and flexible data analysis as a Solution to replace spreadsheets analysis and traditional BI in your organization’s operational, analytical, and decisional process.

As a self-service solution, SRK meets business users’ desires by providing an intelligent, customized view of business insights, with less reliance on IT.

Designed to be a self-service, analytical platform, SRK enables seamless consolidation and aggregation of data across various sources using common industry standard data formats and protocols, to quickly build analysis and conveniently share results with colleagues. SRK provides real-time, practical analytics and visual results anytime, anywhere; data and results are easily accessible from any web browser on personal computer, tablet or smart phone. SRK serves as a centralized and secure cloud data hub, offering fine-grain access control while promoting seamless collaboration and sharing of actionable insights across an organization.

» No spreadsheets. No programming. No data warehouse.

Using SRK can save a great deal of time and maintenance costs. No capital investment in IT infrastructure, no need to implement IT components such as ETL procedure and Data Warehouse, and requires absolutely no programming. Therefore, business users can create analysis on their own in a fraction of the time and cost compared to using IT dependent BI tools. Moreover, compared to using spreadsheets, analysis created and managed using SRK are highly secured, easier to share and take actions upon, much more automated, and always up-to-date.

SRK is named one of the best key players in the self-service data analysis market by experts. It offers innovative, patent-pending features that enables business users to create interactive dashboards without any programming and build multi-dimensional analysis without requiring data modeling and OLAP cube infrastructure. It has a solid technical foundation built on top of leading-edge technologies such as Hadoop and Spark and thereby can work with both structured data and unstructured data.

» Turn data into actionable business insights, all inside SRK.

Nowadays, many businesses still use spreadsheets to produce and deliver a majority of their ad-hoc and dynamic data analysis, despite the fact that most of them have already invested in costly enterprise BI systems. There is a reason for that. Traditional BI systems depend heavily on technologies such as ETL and data warehouse, consequently involving time-consuming processes for IT department to deliver analysis to business users. However, present day organizations cannot wait for all the data to be warehoused before making critical business decisions.

SRK improves these situations in big ways. As a platform designed from the ground up with self-service in mind, SRK empowers non-technical business professionals to develop their own dynamic analysis for just-in-time decision making. Self-service with SRK means no reliance on IT infrastructure such as data warehouse or technical skills such as programming. Furthermore, as a cloud-native data analysis platform, SRK provides a centralized cloud data hub – keeps everything in one place, promotes better collaboration and information sharing, and enables secure access control.

Viable for any vertical market, SRK is used by business professionals responsible for finance, inventory control, corporate-wide KPIs, marketing, operations, resource management and sales. SRK provides multi-lingual support, live chat and is available as public cloud or on-premise private cloud, with subscription or perpetual license.

SRK Highlights

Cloud-Native: Centralize your data and analysis
  • Requires no on-premise server or software installation
  • Regular version upgrades and reliable live support
  • Public cloud or private cloud
Self-Service: Empower your business professionals
  • Built for business professionals
  • Requires no technical skills
  • No Data Warehouse, Data Modeling, or Programming
Collaboration: Boost your team productivity
  • Actionable analysis with task assignment
  • Automatic alert based on custom rules
  • Secure data sharing with fine-grained access control
Mobility: Optimize your operation efficiency
  • Sign in from anywhere with username and password
  • Works on computer, tablet, and smart phone
  • Responsive UI design offers optimal user experience

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The iDMS Legacy

SRK evolved from the foundation of iDMS (intelligent Data Management System), DrivenBI’s first generation data management platform. iDMS offers an on-premise, IT-centric platform that manages three key layers of data management – data, logic and presentation. iDMS empowers IT professionals to aggregate and manage data, security, and distribution of analytics insights. Delivering an integrated business intelligence layer on top of our technology partners’ product offerings and boost their revenue.