iDMS: Your Intelligent Data Management System


Intelligent Data Management System (iDMS) is a technology framework consisting of a flexible Web Interface and Server for building product-centric business intelligence (BI) solutions that align with your presentation, decision-making, and business analysis requirements.

iDMS offers end to end business intelligence capabilities:

  • Extracts, loads, and transforms data from data source(s) into the data warehouse.
  • Configurable and customizable user interface to align with the look and feel of end users’ existing products.
  • Robust security mechanism managing users’ access and protecting users’ data. Integrating with external authentication mechanisms.
  • Provides both static and interactive reporting. Supports flexible layout, drilldow through hyperlink, sub-reports, rich charting, and internationalization. Reports can be exported to a wide range of various formats including PDF, HTML, XLS, CSV, and RTF. Enabling ad-hoc reporting with and charts without burdening IT or application developers.
  • Combines different type of reports to create a single, integrated view to express business trends through dashboard.
  • Interacts with and obtain multidimensional view of standard reports through drilldown.
  • Supports scheduled report and automatic distribution of reports through emails.