SRK feature highlight videos

SRK is a cloud-native self-service BI platform that offers innovative features for business professionals to own the power of data.

✴ Waterfall


Waterfall chart is useful for showing a running total as values are added and subtracted.

With waterfall charts, users can quickly see a value that is broken down into multiple components. The x-axis can be either time or category based. The color-coded columns help users instantly distinguish positive from negative numbers.

Start using the waterfall chart to gain clear and quick insights in SRK now!

✴ Map


DrivenBI’s SRK now supports customizable color axis on map to help your team/organization easily gain regional business insights at a glance.

Map is an effective way to visualize how a measurement varies across geographical
areas. User can render thematic map with color patterns, or certain type of chart (e.g., bubble) on top of the map.

Visualize your data for business insights in SRK.

✴ Dashboard

DrivenBI introduces SRK’s Dashboard – a whole new visualization experience to business professionals at all levels.

The Dashboard feature enables business professionals to create stunning visuals with new chart types and flexible layout system.

Start today, discover the answers at your fingertips with SRK.

✴ Ad Hoc Analysis

Ad hoc analysis gives employees at all levels absolute freedom to slice and dice data!

With a single analysis, Store Managers, Sales Managers, and even CEO’s can immediately discern the values they need to focus on and get the answers when they need it, without burdening IT.

Change the way you do analysis with SRK and spend your time more on what matters most for your business.

✴ Data Preparation

Loading data into a BI platform does not have to be a complicated technical challenge.

With the SRK Importer, bringing data from these places into a BI platform can be accomplished by clicking a few buttons rather than creating a data warehouse or writing programs. Traditional data preparation tools are designed with a very technical user interface. For example, many require designing data models and writing code to load data from its source into the destination. DrivenBI’s SRK Importer offers a much more user-friendly interface throughout the data preparation process.

✴ Collaboration

Collaboration can be as easy as pie in DrivenBI’s SRK BI platform!

Is your team still using emails sending data, analysis or reports back and forth to each other and result in a major project delay with money waste?

In SRK, a team can seamlessly collaborate by leave an annotation, have a running conversation, assign tasks and schedule
reports. Most important of all, these all can be done by simply point-and-click in our user-friendly interface.

Start from today! No more delay in communication and important projects!