Certified SRK Implementer

DrivenBI Certified SRK Implementation Partner Program recognizes and rewards implementation partners that have achieved the technological and business expertise specific to SRK implementation.

Partner Benefits

  • Preparing for certification exams broadens your knowledge base
  • Test partner skills & validate partner capabilities by engaging in real-world scenarios
  • Branding as DrivenBI certified SRK implementation and utilize DrivenBI Certified SRK Implementation Support Program
  • Receive ongoing product updates information
  • Press Release to be preapproved by DrivenBI


  • All prospective partners must apply for approval to the program and agree to the DrivenBI Certified Implementation Partner terms and conditions prior to initiating the certification process
  • Complete SRK Business User training and SRK Advanced User training
  • Pass the SRK Implementation Certification Exam
  • Maintain a score of 8 out of 10 customer satisfaction level using DrivenBI’s standard customer survey

SRK Implementer Certification Exam

Description Part A Part B
Duration 45 minutes 45 minutes
Number of Questions 40 5
Passing Score 80% 60%
Format Multiple Choice Practical Exam

Exam Topics:

  • SRK Organization and User configurations
  • Data Series and data loading
  • Views and Reports
  • Collaboration features
  • Security and Access Control


If a partner does not remain in compliance with the applicable certification requirements, DrivenBI reserves the right to revoke the certification at any time. Partner must notify DrivenBI of its non-compliance promptly, but in no event more than thirty (30) days after partner first becomes aware of its non-compliance. Upon receipt of such notice, partner may qualify for an extension of time in which to renew its compliance with the applicable certification requirements. Partner’s failure to provide such notice may disqualify partner from receiving such an extension. If no extension is granted or if partner fails to comply with the certification requirements by the end of the extension period, DrivenBI reserves the right to revoke the applicable certification immediately.

For Certified SRK Implementers, DrivenBI provides a support program.

Further Information

DrivenBI Certified SRK
Implementation Support Program
Download the Certified
SRK Implementer Data Sheet