Become a Partner

The DrivenBI Partner Program was established to be a global ecosystem of people, solutions and services designed to ensure that customers receive the highest quality sales and services everyday and everywhere.

Our Strategy

The DrivenBI Partner Program is an essential part of our product solutions and growth strategy. Unlike many of our competitors, we are challenging the conventional way that partner programs operate. Our intention is not to flood the market with resellers simply to gain geographical coverage. Our partner recruitment strategy focuses on quality over quantity. Our goal is to recruit partners who are well regarded in their market and by their customers, possess considerable vertical or specialized market expertise, and are well aligned with our goals and strategies.


DrivenBI SRK Reseller for software vendors, system integrators, or consulting companies

DrivenBI Certified SRK Implementer for consultants


  • Differentiate your business
  • Drive new revenue opportunities
  • Connect with customers and prospects
  • Gain access to breakthrough technology

DrivenBI SRK Reseller

DrivenBI SRK Reseller Program promotes and rewards those partners that successfully achieve sales growth and targets to expand their business and build a profitable SRK channel.


  • Highly competitive commission rates
  • DrivenBI Partner logo and branding
  • Partner Directory Listing on DrivenBI Website
  • Opportunities for joint marketing

DrivenBI Certified SRK Implementer

DrivenBI Certified SRK Implementer Program recognizes and rewards those consultants that achieve the highest level of technological and business expertise specific to SRK implementation.


  • Prepare for certification exams and broaden your knowledge base
  • Test skills & validate capabilities by engaging in real-world scenarios
  • Gain access to the DrivenBI Certified SRK Implementation Support Program
  • Receive ongoing product updates information
  • Partner Directory Listing on DrivenBI Website
  • DrivenBI Partner logo and branding

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