SRK is now available for Microsoft Azure Private Cloud users

Microsoft has just announced Azure Stack – a private cloud implementation of its Azure Public Cloud which would allow customers that are held back due to regulatory compliance and other technical or business reasons to enjoy all of Azure’s Public Cloud benefits within their own data centers.

Along with the launch of Azure Stack, DrivenBI proudly announced that SRK – its best in class self-service BI platform running on Azure Public Cloud since 2014 and serving customers worldwide – is available to all Azure Stack customers. DrivenBI’s SRK empowers customers across various industries by offering a great self-service platform, seamlessly integrated collaboration hub, and built-in mobility. Business professionals can easily import their data and build their own analysis using SRK without any IT skills or programming. More importantly, SRK facilitates collaboration upon analytical results, allowing users to efficiently collaborate with colleagues and act upon their findings. With a responsive UI design, users can easily access the platform on mobile devices. Ultimately, SRK provides customers actionable business insights anywhere, anytime.

DrivenBI’s SRK bundled with Microsoft Azure Stack provides the optimal solution that enables customers who need to keep sensitive data in their data centers to also enjoy the same level of capabilities as they would have on public cloud. Together, Microsoft and DrivenBI’s SRK offers a one-stop on-premise private cloud solution that empowers customers to boost mobility, improve collaboration, and obtain just-in-time and actionable business insights.

About DrivenBI

DrivenBI was founded in 2006, headquartered in Pasadena, California, and is a leading provider of cloud-native self-service analytics platform in the United States. Under the leadership of a team of seasoned data analysis experts, DrivenBI has developed the award-winning collaborative self-service BI platform – SRK.

DrivenBI SRK is a cloud-native self-service business intelligence platform hosted on both Microsoft Azure and Azure Stack that lets business users build their own analysis without IT skills such as programming and data modeling. SRK provides a one-stop solution that integrates data, distributes analysis, and improves collaboration efficiency.