Introducing the new landing page for SRK

We are excited to announce that SRK has a fresh new landing page. The landing page is no longer just a necessary security step to input your username and password.

Now, not only will you find the latest SRK updates at the new Announcements section, you will also see a synopsis of the key features that make SRK stand out against the competition. For example, SRK offers seamless data aggregation, blends structured and unstructured data from various sources, provides automated analytics, and streamlines data merging and data processing logic to implement versatile analysis and agile reporting. SRK achieves data security and logic consistency in the cloud with multi-tenancy and record level access control. SRK is the most innovative technology for business users that replaces spreadsheet analysis and traditional BI tools to deliver single-version-of truth for decision making.

Furthermore, for our tablet and mobile phone users, we’ve enhanced the user experience by utilizing an improved responsive web design. No matter what device you are using, SRK will automatically adjust the user interface to provide an optimal viewing and interactive experience.