DrivenBI SRK is named as an innovator in PM360 December issue

PM360’s Innovations Issue, established five years ago, serves as a comprehensive guide to our readers, providing a glimpse at the year’s most cutting-edge: Companies, Divisions, Startups, Products, Services, and Strategies.

Here are our picks for the most innovative products of 2016, which include software, apps, programs, and anything else designed to improve how those working in the industry do their jobs.

DrivenBI SRK

Kathleen Douglas, EVP Global Sales

DrivenBI SRK redefines self-service Business Intelligence (BI) by removing the IT complexity associated with data analytics. Usable by business professionals in just a few days, DrivenBI delivers a cloud-native, self-service solution that does not require constant involvement from technical professionals and empowers users to be able to bring the data forward by themselves within the decision-making window and disseminate insights across all lines of business in a timely manner.

The SRK platform has been used by medical, pharma, and biosciences professionals responsible for marketing, operations, and sales. It can also be integrated into finance, inventory control, resource management, and corporate-wide KPIs.

DrivenBI SRK is more than just preparing, storing, and analyzing data, or building and sharing reports and dashboards. It also offers a set of features making the analysis results actionable in a centralized and well-organized manner. Tasks can be easily created no matter where the user is browsing in the system, with notifications automatically pushed to relevant parties through emails or text messages to remind them in real time about actions that need to be taken. And with DrivenBI’s new onboarding methodology, new users can see how analytics can help with their specific business needs in just a few days.

Furthermore, the Collaboration Hub in SRK allows users to automate processes and create immediate impact. They can set thresholds that, once exceeded, will automatically send out alerts to notify personnel when, for example, sales quotas are not met or profit level is at risk. And the automatically triggered alert contains a shortcut to quickly create a Task in SRK, so that the potential issues exposed by the analysis can be acted upon immediately.