DrivenBI and Microsoft (China) become partners in the Azure Cloud Business Intelligence Platform

Microsoft (China) Co., Ltd. and DrivenBI forge a partnership to help enterprises transform their operations with the power of a cloud platform and self-service analytics. Together, the two companies are looking forward to embolden businesses by significantly strengthening their business intelligence capabilities with the DrivenBI collaborative self-service BI platform SRK built on top of Microsoft Azure.

DrivenBI was founded in 2006, and is a leading provider of cloud-native self-service analytics platform in the United States. Under the leadership of a team of seasoned data analysis experts, DrivenBI has developed a collaborative self-service BI platform – SRK. And the product not only successfully helps customers worldwide to gain immediate insight into their business operations, but also enables them to quickly act on the findings and make strategic business decisions just in time. The company’s mission is to deliver innovative BI platform that enables business users to easily create real-time data analysis without relying on IT professional and other technical skills required by traditional BI tools.

“DrivenBI’s partnership with Microsoft (China), integrated with Microsoft’s digital transformation solutions, will bring immediate changes in these 4 areas: 1. Engage your customers; 2. Empower your employees; 3. Optimize your operations and 4. Transform your products,” said Roy Gao, an expert in data and artificial intelligence at Microsoft. He continued, “DrivenBI has more than 10 years of experience in the BI industry, and is adopted and well received by well-known companies in industries such as manufacturing, property and casualty insurance, retail, health care, food and beverage industries, etc. We look forward that, through a series of substantive collaborations, this partnership will deliver successful solutions to customers and help Microsoft provide better services in a great variety of industries, in China and the global market.”

“DrivenBI is very pleased to team up with Microsoft (China) to introduce SRK to more customers, and further demonstrates our determination of DrivenBI’s focus in the China market. We wholeheartedly believe that SRK, our collaborative self-service BI platform, delivers a simple and intelligent solution for business users with non-technical background who need the best business insight easily and in a timely manner. Our goal is to make data analytics work seamlessly for business users,” said DrivenBI founder and CEO, Ben Tai. “Microsoft (China)’s persistent investment in its cloud-based products and services over the past few years has begun to pay off. It is proven that Microsoft had the right vision, is strengthening their confidence in competing in this fiercely competitive cloud service market. This is the main reason why DrivenBI chose Microsoft (China) to be our partner. Combining the world’s leading technologies, global vision, and experience of both companies, we are confident that this partnership will complement each other to achieve a win-win result.”

Under the partnership, Microsoft and DrivenBI will work together in developing market launching strategies and implementation plans; fully utilizing Microsoft Azure cloud platform and SRK collaborative self-service BI platform to provide customer solutions that would assist the overall digital transformation of their business.

About Microsoft

Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT”) is the worldwide leader in software, services, devices and solutions, and its mission is to enable people and businesses throughout the world to realize their full potential.

About DrivenBI

DrivenBI provides collaborative cloud analytics platforms designed to unify, analyze, report and take action on data aggregated from multiple sources as alternatives to complex IT dependent BI tools and spreadsheets. Its products deliver data insights to organizations worldwide with speed and simplicity. DrivenBI analytics platforms are created for ease of use, consistency of results, and facilitation of cross-departmental collaboration by business users, reducing the reliance on IT. They provide real time data analysis and actionable sharing of analysis results as 24/7 services, allowing customers to respond quickly to changes in their business and/or the markets. DrivenBI analytics products also enable users to connect and collaborate with their operations, customers, sales channels, vendors and suppliers. Visit the DrivenBI website to find out more: