DrivenBI Gives Salesforce Users Integrated Analysis with Any Outside Data Source

DrivenBI announces today its one-of-a-kind analysis platform, available to Salesforce users. SRK is a cloud-native self-service business intelligence (BI) tool that empowers business professionals and doesn’t require IT (at all). Thanks to the latest version of SRK (3.0), DrivenBI’s self-service data analysis platform provides remarkably easy to use analytical features and totally customizable data visualizations of virtually any data, all accessible inside the Salesforce system.

SRK’s infrastructure is completely cloud-native making it inherently easy to integrate outside data sources – including the seamless integration of spreadsheets, relational databases, web services, 3rd party cloud-based services, networking devices, and social media – giving the company a major advantage over other business intelligence providers. Salesforce users can simply click on the SRK Analytics tab in Salesforce and see an integrated view and analysis of virtually any outside data.

“Most BI vendors claim to be cloud-based, but in reality they only provide cloud access,” said Ben Tai, CEO of DrivenBI. “With the fact that they still require hardware, equipment, and resources on premises, which greatly reduces other vendors’ flexibility and ability to integrate with outside data sources like DrivenBI can.”

SRK is seamlessly integrated with Salesforce to deliver a centralized and secure cloud-native platform to analyze data, design dashboard, and collaborate with colleagues, all while reducing reliance on IT. SRK completely eliminates the need to export Salesforce reports into spreadsheets. Users simply select the desired Salesforce reports to include in their analysis in SRK to create dynamic analysis, real-time dashboards, and scheduled reports, all inside the Salesforce system. Without any programing, data warehousing, or OLAP component, users can now make immediate business decisions based on real-time analysis.

DrivenBI taps into the power of social and mobile cloud technologies to help businesses accelerate their BI transformation. SRK simplifies data merging by directly linking data to specific business actions, including:

  • Extraction and analysis from other sources – merge non-Salesforce data with existing Salesforce reports.
  • Customized visualization – present analytics in dynamic user views, shareable report snapshots, and real-time intuitive dashboards.
  • Salesforce Chatter integration – assign tasks, receive alerts, and comments on analytics using Chatter.
  • Salesforce calendar integration – automatically keep calendar up-to-date with the latest task assignments.
  • Actionable sharing within Salesforce – simply manage and share all Salesforce analytics in one place, from any device.

Users can increase management efficiency by receiving immediate alerts when sales performance meets a specific threshold. They can also create and assign tasks to colleagues to request verification on commission percentages from finance, for example. SRK can also automatically update a user’s Salesforce calendar to remind them of task deadlines. Additionally, users can collaborate using Salesforce Chatter, SRK annotations, and comments associated with reports to make the appropriate commission percentage adjustment all with just a few clicks. SRK data analytics effortlessly delivers sales analysis while connecting a user to operations, clients, partners, vendors, and suppliers, all in real time, all within Salesforce.

SRK on AppExchange:

About DrivenBI:

DrivenBI is redefining self-service data analytics by completely removing the IT-centric complexity for business professionals. Usable by business professionals in just a few days, DrivenBI delivers the only cloud-native, self-service solution that requires zero involvement from technical professionals. Where other BI vendors claim ease-of-use, they actually refer to IT’s ability to administer. With DrivenBI, all data is available on the cloud without having to build or use a data warehouse. The SRK data analysis platform gives users the ability to bring in their own data, build analysis according to their own specific dynamic requirements, and collaborate with colleagues with actionable sharing.

Viable for any vertical market, the SRK platform is used by business professionals responsible for finance, inventory control, corporate-wide KPIs, marketing, operations, resource management, and sales. It dramatically improves the productivity of business professionals who have switched from spreadsheets/ERP, embedded BI, and other traditional BI tools. For more information, visit: