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  • 2018/06/14

    Genera Corporation Shifts into High Gear with DrivenBI SRK Cloud BI Technology

    Companies need visibility into their sales, customer buying behaviors and other marketing data to grow successfully. But like Genera, most find themselves challenged with waiting for IT to deliver their operational reports and getting access to the data they need to make better decisions.
  • 2018/05/22

    SRK is named one of the Best BI software 2018

    CIO UK released their list of the best Business intelligence (BI) tools on the market and named DrivenBI’s SRK as one of the top applications of 2018 for companies to analyze business information and turn it into actionable insights. SRK has become a worldwide leader in the BI industry due to our commitment to deliver a user-friendly, easy-to-access single platform for business professionals that satisfies our customer’s needs.
  • 2018/04/24

    SRK named one of the top twelve best self-serve analytics and business intelligence tools for enterprises

    SRK is one of the twelve best self-serve BI tools for enterprises! In recent article from COMPUTERWORLD, our EVP of Global Sales, Kathleen Douglas, talks […]
  • 2017/07/25

    SRK is now available for Microsoft Azure Private Cloud users

    Microsoft has just announced Azure Stack – a private cloud implementation of its Azure Public Cloud which would allow customers that are held back due to regulatory compliance and other technical or business reasons to enjoy all of Azure’s Public Cloud benefits within their own data centers. Along with the launch of Azure Stack, DrivenBI proudly announced that SRK – its best in class self-service BI platform running on Azure Public Cloud since 2014 and serving customers worldwide – is available to all Azure Stack customers.
  • 2017/05/18

    Driving smart decisions with self-service business intelligence

    McKnight's Senior Living interviewed Ben, our CEO and Founder, to learn how Senior Living industry utilizes SRK to accomplish better managing of staff, increase of occupancy, decrease of incidents such as slip and falls, and more. “FSO uses SRK to give management a 360-degree view of how we are doing based on key performance indicators across multiple departments,” said Michael Flynn, vice president and chief financial officer at FSO.” “Using SRK analysis, charts and reports in meetings lets the team immediately see the whole story and identify what is working and what is not based on real results.” said Ben Gilchrist, vice president of operations at FSO.