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Itemized Reporting: Streamlined

Itemized Reporting: Streamlined

How does a west-coast based hospital drive the financial analysis and operational workflow of their service lines, facilities, and physicians, which are all spread across multiple facilities in various locations? The amount of data generated by their EHR, HR, and other disparate data sources can be staggering, especially when the data needs to be secured according to federal privacy guidelines, namely HIPAA. Faced with internal and external scrutiny over persistent cost and data security issues, the hospital sought a flexible, cost-effective, and secure analysis platform.

DrivenBI’s cloud-based data analysis platform, SRK, is purpose-built for secure operational data insights, offering enterprise-grade analytics coupled with consumer-grade ease of use and delivered in a fraction of the time required by other systems or solutions. Also, through a partnership with AT&T, SRK can be deployed in AT&T’s HITRUST Private Cloud infrastructure, allowing for unparalleled security that complies with all privacy standards such as HIPAA, HITRUST, PCI, and ISO27001.

Applied to an expansive hospital system with geographically dispersed locations, SRK manages the hospital’s financial and operational analyses, aggregating critical data with minimum IT interference. This allows employees to gather data updates and collaborate in real-time to make faster and better decisions regarding financial and operational planning. Furthermore, SRK achieves cost savings by preventing human errors, alerting for patient overcapacity and monitoring patients’ average length of stay (ALOS).

With their healthcare data stored on AT&T’s HITRUST Private Cloud, the hospital has the peace of mind of knowing that they’re fully compliant with HIPAA’s privacy requirements. AT&T’s HITRUST Private Cloud secures their data on a dedicated, physically isolated server with multi-level security controls and flexible shaping options, while SRK’s granular Access Controls and extensive Audit Controls ensures that all user activity on the platform can be organized, monitored, and documented.

SRK: Transforming a Manual Reporting into Automatic Analysis

Because of ongoing reporting issues, the hospital was experiencing inefficiencies in monitoring their service lines, ancillary services and physicians. The root cause was traced back to their inability to share and compare data from their EHR, HR, and other systems used by their various facilities. This resulted in a lack of visibility into the financial and operational performance of the hospital’s components and in a lack of collaboration between them.

The hospital sought a solution that could automatically cross-reference and analyze financial and operational data from all their facilities’ disparate data sources. Distinct from other standard reporting solutions that proved to be too IT intensive, SRK was easily implemented into their existing workflow with no IT involvement. By utilizing SRK’s customizable dashboards, automated features, and collaboration tools, the hospital is now able to monitor the performance of their service lines, ancillary services, and physicians as well as set thresholds and automatic notifications for patient capacity and ALOS. Lastly, SRK’s Shareable Reports and Task Assignments transform the hospital’s analyses into a collaborative hub, helping teams and facilities achieve actionable sharing across multiple locations, seamlessly and securely.

Generating Real-Time Collaborative Results in the HITRUST Private Cloud

  • SRK aggregates raw data from various sources and centralizes the analytical logic to consistently and reliably deliver just-in-time financial and operational insights.
    SRK dashboards monitor hospital performance to yield just-in-time financial and operational insights.
  • SRK reports and task assignments ensure that insights and analyses can easily transform into actionable solutions.
  • As a centrally managed solution, SRK enables real-time, cross-departmental collaboration.
  • Deployed in AT&T’s HITRUST Private Cloud, SRK complies with HIPAA as well as other industry standards such as HITRUST, PCI, and ISO27001.


  • Achieved HIPAA compliance for data security and privacy
  • Assured visibility into the hospital’s service line, ancillary service, and physician performance
  • Automatic alerts for efficient patient and care management
  • Reduction in human error
  • Independence from IT