Introducing a New Wave of Data Import Capabilities for SRK

We are excited to introduce a new wave of data import capabilities for the SRK Self-Service Analysis Platform. DrivenBI is committed to helping users get the most value out of their data. With over 200 customers worldwide, DrivenBI continues to provide more connectors to support importing data from a greater variety of different sources.
Advanced Importer supports more external data sources.


The FTP/SFTP Connector allows SRK to access your FTP server and import CSV files/Excel spreadsheets into SRK. For users that are collecting data from multiple sources, this allows them to store data in one centralized location. Users are able to continuously refresh the location with new data and with the Advanced Importer SRK can atomically collect all the data files from one single location.

MS SQL Server

The MS SQL Server Connector allows SRK to connect directly with your MS SQL Server database and import data into SRK. Save the hassle of exporting to spreadsheets and get your data directly in one step. In addition, users are not required to import their entire database. They can also choose to import only the tables they need, allowing for quick and efficient analysis.

Standard Importer supports plugins

Building on top of the ability to accept data in .xls or .csv format, the SRK Standard Importer can now support more file formats via plugins. With this new plugin mechanism, the SRK Standard Importer can easily be enhanced to support different file formats such as XML. In the newest release an XML plugin has been provided thereby allows users to import their XML files into SRK seamlessly.