External and Internal data: Gathered

External and Internal data: Gathered

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Company Profile

This is a sporting goods store that sells recreational types of transportation such as bicycles, skateboards, and scooters online. They needed a centralized platform to achieve greater visibility across department and to apply accurate sales and advertising strategies to its products and target customers.

Before using SRK     After using SRK
  • Limited dynamic just-in-time analysis to quickly discover buyer behavior and interest in new products.
  • Lacked a centralized and secure location to consolidate data from multiple sources and cross-reference historical purchases with current popular product trends.
  • No visualizations or automatic alerts to spot marketing opportunities quickly.
  • Unable to freely explore data and perform quick ad-hoc analysis.
  • Social media keyword trends now available at a glance to monitor product popularity.
  • Consolidated internal and external data to track historical pricing and sales, customer purchase history, and online store browsing behavior.
  • Visualizations and notifications ensure that marketing opportunities directed towards indecisive buyers and new customers are received.
  • Slice and dice the analysis without having to wait for IT.

  • Determine target customers to drive promotion strategies to generate higher profits through increased bike popularity on the market.
  • Automatic alerts create immediate impact by empowering employee collaboration through tasks and indicating ideal candidates for price discounts.