DrivenBI/AT&T Webinar: Inside Private Cloud Analytics

In an hour, we will show you how DrivenBI has debunked the myth that you cannot take advantage of the latest cloud technologies AND comply with the highest security compliance for your industry. You will hear about our partnership with AT&T Partner Exchangesm and how their leadership in private cloud services powers this critical business accelerator.

Specifically, we’ll discuss:

  • What is SRK? We will show you how SRK is helping drive business analysis and collaboration in different vertical markets including healthcare, hospitals, insurance, and manufacturing.
  • How two market leaders have created a trusted solution that replaces traditional spreadsheet analysis to deliver your business analysis securely and seamlessly – without additional IT resources
  • How these solutions will enable business leaders to accelerate their business model.

About the Presenters

  • Kathleen Douglas, SVP of Global Sales and Alliances – DrivenBI
  • Kevin Tai, Senior Product Specialist – DrivenBI
  • Ray Jaeger, Regional Director Cloud Services – AT&T Partner Exchange

Product Focus

  • DrivenBI SRK
  • AT&T Advanced Cloud Services

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