DrivenBI/Aberdeen Webinar: Self-Service Analytics for Just-in-Time Insight and User Empowerment

Analytical minds in the line of business are no longer satisfied with spreadsheet analysis and waiting on IT-generated reports.  Business Intelligence (BI) users need to be able to bring data to bear on even the most time-sensitive business problems. Self-service tools enable line of business users to independently engage pertinent data and cut down analytical turnaround time. In Aberdeen’s recent 2015 Business Analytics survey, data collected from IT and line of business users identified leading strategies and technologies for achieving superior analytical decision-making.

Specifically we’ll discuss:

  • Why the majority of BI users are dissatisfied with their current access to data needed to support decisions
  • How leading companies offer self-service capabilities to a greater percentage of their BI user base
  • Why the leading organizations are significantly more likely than their peers to utilize a cloud BI platform and what leaders are gaining

About the Presenters

Peter Krensky, Research Analyst, Analytics & Business Intelligence – Aberdeen Group

Kathleen Douglas, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales & Alliances – DrivenBI

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