DrivenBI files patent application on “Self-service configurable dashboard for non-technical user”

Making BI Results Easy to Consume and Enhance
During the past 10 years, the BI industry has grown based on “IT-centric BI platforms for large-scale systems of record,” Gartner said. “These have tended to be highly governed and centralized, where IT production reports were pushed out to managers and knowledge workers.”
While ad-hoc querying and other analytic tools have been available, “they were never really fully embraced by the business analyst masses, primarily because they are perceived by most as being too difficult to use,” the report adds. As it stands, only about 30 percent of potential BI users have adopted their company’s standard BI tools, according to Gartner.
To combat this, forward-thinking BI companies, like DrivenBI, are providing self-service BI initiatives in order to allow business users to be self-reliant with minimal IT intervention for their BI needs. Business users can now have more hands-on control over the information they access and use, and IT moves into a role that better supports business needs.
DrivenBI has filed a provisional patent on “Self-service configurable dashboard for non-technical user” (application no: 61908004), which was first introduced on their cloud-based analysis platform called SRK, providing easy-to-use user interface via web browsers. Business users can create and personalize their dashboards for their particular situations to foster smarter and faster decision-making. It allows users to customize its layout, designate where and how they want the contents (tables and charts) to be displayed, build interactive content navigation using menu items which can be organized hierarchically, and easily jump to the UI where the user can edit the table or chart. All these processes described above do not require the user to have any programming skill or any IT administrative experience.

SRK empowers business users to generate insights, replacing spreadsheets in analysis, by

  • Making BI results easy to consume and enhance based on business user’s particular requirements
  • Making BI Tools easy to use with simple, customizable and collaborative user-interfaces, do not require user to have any programming skills
  • SRK inside Salesforce extending the Salesforce analytics by aggregating both Salesforce and non-Salesforce data sources for analysis
  • Making it easy to access source data for reporting and analysis, no ETL and data warehouse required
  • Making solutions fast to Deploy with its cloud-based solution

SRK Highlights:

  • Simplicity: Reduce reliance on IT. No ETL, no data warehouse, no OLAP.
  • Collaboration: Share reports and assign tasks to be completed
  • Security: Limit data visibility with record level role-based access control
  • Notification: Send automated notifications when thresholds have been reached via text or email