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DrivenBI Certified SRK Implementation Support Program

Support Hours

  • 9:00am-6:00pm Pacific Time
  • Mon – Fri
  • excluding holidays

Response Times

  • Initial = 4 business hours
  • Follow-up = 1 business day

Support Channel

SRK support site

Number of incidents

12 incidents per year

Scope of Coverage

  • Importer installation
  • Configuration
  • Usage
  • Diagnosis

Does not provide support for

  • Product customizations or code development
  • System and network design
  • Undocumented features or functionality
  • Uncertified platforms

Partners support policy

Implementation partners engaging SRK Support on behalf of an SRK customer should log any related support cases using the partner support protocol that follows.

Support procedure

Prior to contacting support, DrivenBI recommends using the Knowledge Search Database of previous issues, because your question or issue may already be known and a solution may exist. If you still need to contact support, please provide the following information so DrivenBI can assist you

Background information

  • Partner Company Name
  • Contact Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Organization in SRK

Define the issue

  • Browser and version used during the time of the issue
  • Detailed issue description
  • Steps to reproduce the issue
  • Steps you have already tried to resolve the issue
  • Any changes have been recently made that could have triggered the issue
  • Error messages and/or screen dumps will often help our support engineer to pinpoint the cause of error
  • Steps you have already tried to resolve the issue
  • For after hours support, DrivenBI will contact you on the next business day

Definition of general terms

  • Incidents are any and all cases logged with SRK Support system, including defects and feature requests. When a case is logged, our support engineer will attempt to reproduce the reported issue and provide the following services:
    • Ensure issues logged as cases by partners gain increased visibility and prioritization. Partners also have a single point of contact (the case owner) who can provide them with the latest information about the issue
    • Support may also confer with our Engineers and determine if a reported defect actually results from unintended use of product functionality, determine the appropriate solution, and provide it to the customer
    • Investigate possible workarounds for reported defects or product limitations
  • Initial response time is the maximum amount of time between when a case is logged and it is acknowledged and assigned by our support engineer
  • Follow-up response time is the maximum amount of time between communications on an existing open case that has the status of “in Progress.”

How SRK Customer Support Handles Requests

All cases submitted are logged into our SRK support system. Once logged, they are assigned a unique number and routed to our Support Engineer. This number can be used to reference your case through our support web site. In addition, this number should be used when emailing DrivenBI regarding your case. The assigned Support Engineer will research your issue and respond with advice or additional questions to resolve your problem as quickly as possible. Our support team will often work together and with members of the SRK Product Engineering team to resolve your issue.