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Cross-Functional Analysis: Enabled

Cross Functional Snalysis

Cross-Functional Analysis: Enabled

DrivenBI enables real-time cross-functional data analysis

How does the Senior Living Industry know if analyses from individual departments have impact on other departments or will help them draw better insights across their operations? Practically, how can they compare individual KPIs and standardize performance metrics across all their departments to achieve cross-functional KPI analyses?

Achieving cross-functional analysis starts with technology capable of combining datasets from multiple sources, which has always proved challenging for traditional BI tools and spreadsheet analysis.

DrivenBI’s cloud-based analysis engine, SRK, is the solution: A flexible and scalable analysis platform designed to compare KPIs from disparate functional areas, without relying on IT or requiring a data warehouse.

SRK: Transforming a Manual Process into a Dynamic SRK Analysis

Like many businesses, a Senior Living Facility is composed of various departments performing different yet related functions. Although functionally distinct, all the departments work together to grow the business. Therefore, their analysis should not be isolated by department but should cross all functional areas of their facility to reveal and assess how their departments interact and perform as a whole.

Using SRK, the Senior Living Facility was able to create their own dynamic, cross-functional analyses without programming or IT.

Three simple steps:

  1. Create departmental KPI analyses around individual departments’ business requirements
  2. Develop a standardized performance metric that converts departmental KPIs to a common measure
  3. Combine the departmental KPIs to view trends of the standardized performance metric and compare performance, across any or all departments

Enabling Cross-Functional Analysis in the Cloud

SRK is a self-service analysis platform, designed to empower business users with the tools to design and create their own cross-functional analysis without relying on IT:

  • Acquire data from disparate functional areas without a data warehouse
  • Design and create your cross-functional analysis through centralized logic and computations, without any programming
  • Automate your entire cross-functional reporting and analysis process on a single, centralized platform
  • As a centrally managed solution, SRK enables real-time cross-departmental collaboration through its shareable reports and task assignment systems

Get Results

With dynamic SRK cross-functional analyses, you can…

  • Compare trends in different departmental KPIs
  • Develop and standardize new cross-functional KPIs on-the-fly
  • Measure and compare performance across all departments
  • Create dynamic charts and dashboards designed to capture holistic insights that could not otherwise be discovered
  • Share cross-functional reports and assign interdepartmental tasks using a single, centralized platform