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Construction Clash Analysis: Prioritized

Construction Clash Analysis: Prioritized

DrivenBI delivers real-time collaborative data analysis

How does a best-in-class construction company reduce expenses related to clashes in the field? In the planning phase of a single construction project, there can be thousands of conflicts involving equipment, scheduling, and regulations.

In order to resolve these conflicts in the most efficient and cost effective manner, they required a platform that could analyze which clash cost the most and prioritize the order in which to resolve them. One that offers a simple, flexible and scalable analysis platform to help them easily create dynamic and real time analysis to assess the costs of the construction and deliver an appropriate response to their subcontractors.

SRK, DrivenBI’s cloud based data analysis platform, is the solution. SRK is purpose-built for operational data insights, yielding enterprise grade analytics coupled with consumer grade ease of use and delivered in a fraction of the time required by other systems or solutions.

SRK: Transforming a Manual Process into a Dynamic SRK Analysis

Because of the limitations of their Building Information Modeling software, the construction company was forced to resort to using time consuming and error-prone spreadsheets to consolidate and analyze data. Also, they had to manu- ally configure calculation logic and re-create comparative cost analysis each time a report was required or a newly uploaded model was created. This resulted in copy and paste errors, clashes being overlooked, and the inability to efficiently prioritize the clash resolutions.

The headquarters sought a solution that could quickly and easily consolidate the data, centralize the logic, and offer them the ability to build even more analyses on top of comparative cost analysis. Using SRK, the construction company was able to create their own analyses without programming, data warehouse or reliance on IT centric tools. By utilizing SRK’s automated notifications, customized dashboards, and team collaboration features, the project manager is now able to keep an eye on persistent high clash areas, accurately estimate the cost associated with clashes, and prioritize the clash resolution processes.

Generating Real-Time Collaborative Results in the Cloud

  • With SRK, the users aggregate raw data from various sources and centralize the analytical logic to consistently and reliably deliver just-in-time construction cost and impact analysis.
  • Users easily design their own SRK dashboards to produce real time insights to help streamline the clash detection and resolution process.
  • Self-service SRK analysis and task assignments ensure that results from analyses can easily transform into actionable solutions.
  • As a centrally managed solution, SRK enables secure cross-departmental collaboration.


  • Assured visibility into the costs of clashes and savings from resolutions.
  • Automatic alerts for tracking high clash areas of the uploaded models.
  • Actionable sharing and collaboration within the construction company.