About DrivenBI

Founded in 2006 and driven by a seasoned team of data management experts, DrivenBI data analytics products provide data insights to organizations worldwide. As a privately held software company founded by Ben Tai with the financial sponsorship of an exclusive group of wealthy individual investors and private investment organizations in Hong Kong and United States, we consider our employees and advisors critical intellectual investors to the company’s success.

DrivenBI’s executive team is formed by a group of seasoned industry and technology professionals with years of experience in delivering mission critical enterprise business intelligence (BI) solution and services. Our mission is to deliver the innovative BI platform that business users can easily create their own subjective and dynamic business critical analysis without depending on IT expertise or IT centric BI tools, and without using spreadsheet as the analysis tool.

Replacing expensive IT centric BI tools and/or the daunting, error-prone spreadsheet workflow of the past, DrivenBI provides tools and services designed to replace spreadsheets in your business analysis for decision making through its cloud-based data analytics platform.

DrivenBI is simply a one-stop shop. We offer proven data analytics platforms for business users to enable data analytics solutions that can be deployed and accessed via Public Cloud, Private Cloud and Hybrid Cloud. DrivenBI takes the guesswork out of determining the best reporting and analytics products available.

Our primary focus is the success of your business. The DrivenBI product line ensures ease of use, functional richness, consistency of results and facilitation of cross-department collaboration by business line managers, all accomplished with less reliance on IT and requiring zero capital investment in hardware or software.

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