Minson Corporation Replaces Spreadsheet Analysis to Improve Efficiency and Productivity with Self-Service Cloud BI Technology from DrivenBI

Minson Corporation, headquartered in Monrovia, California and a global manufacturer of Pastel Furniture and Mallin Casual Furniture for indoor and outdoor living is accelerating its revenue growth and customer satisfaction by using DrivenBI’s SRK self-service data analysis platform, which has provided Minson with a centralized cloud BI solution that has truly revolutionized their operations.
Gaining better visibility into their defects was a top concern for Mark Pedigo, Quality Control Supervisor at Minson. “Every week excel reports needed to be manually created and distributed to the entire executive team. It was a very time consuming process that I had my team go through the monitoring logs and individually categorize each defect.”

Spreadsheets had been ingrained in every single aspect of Minson’s operations. Business logic was buried in spreadsheets across the organization with only a few knowledgeable individuals. Minson needed a way to manage a “single version of the truth” and keep up with their rapidly growing business.
When Minson decided to implement SRK, they were able to systemize their whole process to allow for timeliness and accuracy of data. Mark and his team were now able to identify defect items and respond faster than ever before.

Communicating with their overseas vendors has never been easier. Will the new shipment come in on time? Have the defects been addressed? Before, spreadsheets emailed back and forth left long gaps of uncertainty. Using SRK, Minson is able to design the data entry form that they are familiar with, but powered and connected to the SRK platform. Automatic alerts help Minson stay current with a defect’s progress from inception to completion.
“DrivenBI has helped us alleviate some of the manual processes that my teams go through on a daily basis. Cloud technology has given us the ability to access these reports from anywhere, whether it be in the boiler room in our warehouse or employee parking lot,” says Kenneth Chen, CEO and President of Minson Corporation.

With new insights and visibility into their data, Minson has begun to reduce costs and operate more efficiently to help accelerate itself to the top of many furniture provider lists.

About Minson Corporation:

Minson Corporation caters to the needs of residential customers and provides a variety of furniture items. The corporation operates a division, Pastel Furniture, which offers various chairs, stools and tables for indoor and outdoor purposes. The division provides products in wood, glass, iron and brushed steel varieties. In addition, it offers a range of information and tips for fabric cleaning and maintenance. Minson Corporation governs Mallin Casual Furniture, which provides several fabric and frame color options. The company offers furniture in dining, deep seating and sling categories. It also provides a variety of accessories, such as tea carts, throw pillows and table bases.

About DrivenBI:

DrivenBI was founded in 2006, and is headquartered in Pasadena, CA. DrivenBI is a rapidly growing software company specializing in both cloud and on premise BI data analysis platform solutions, operating both in U.S. and Asia, with more than 300 customers worldwide. SRK is a breakthrough product offering Self-Service BI platform as an alternative to complex IT centric BI tools and Spreadsheets. SRK is highly competitive with its innovative business user centric BI infrastructure, removing the requirements for traditional ETL, Data Warehouse and Programming. SRK offers superior performance, and minimal IT dependency for set up and use. For more information, please contact Kathleen Douglas, SVP of Sales & Alliances, at kdouglas@drivenbi.com