Friendship Senior Options Enlists The Loyola Group and DrivenBI to Unleash Cloud BI and Gain New Business Insights

For over 38 years, Friendship Senior Options (FSO) has been providing quality services to seniors along life’s journey. While offering independent living, assisted living, rehabilitation, and skilled nursing in a vibrant community of neighbors and friends, FSO must continually invest in its operations and its wide range of services and amenities in the ever-evolving senior living industry of continuing care retirement communities (CCRC’s).

Gaining better visibility into how effectively they are running their business is the latest way that FSO has used to improve their programs, services and quality of life for their residents. A few months ago, The Loyola Group introduced FSO to DrivenBI, a rapidly growing technology company specializing in business intelligence (BI), to help them explore the potential value that BI could introduce by monitoring their everyday operations. FSO evaluated several other solutions as well and then selected DrivenBI’s cloud-based data analysis platform, SRK. Ever since, SRK has helped FSO revolutionize their business analysis and reporting, delivering new insights and “ah-ha” moments for their staff and management. Decisions based on their SRK analysis of program outcomes, services trends and interrelationships between the performance of their programs and departments are all contributing to FSO’s bottom line while FSO successfully meets the needs of their growing senior communities.

FSO has taken advantage of the cloud BI capabilities of SRK from Day 1 because they did not need to invest in additional IT staff, learn how to do data modeling or programming, purchase hardware or software or build a data warehouse to support their data analysis. And with SRK’s collaboration features, staff and management are able to share information and insights securely and in real time. Comparing key performance indicators or KPIs from a variety of functional areas to derive Cross Functional KPI analysis has been particularly useful to FSO’s management team.

“FSO uses SRK to give management a 360-degree view of how we are doing based on key performance indicators across multiple departments. With SRK, we uncover insights from looking at the relationships and impact of those relationships associated with KPI’s across departments that we would never have thought to compare in the past. SRK has helped us to unearth better insights across our operations and make sure that we are allocating resources correctly,” says Mike Flynn, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.

DrivenBI and The Loyola Group continue to support FSO remotely and on-site through professional services that include training and consulting.
Mike commented, “FSO is actively involved in monitoring and responding to our residents’ needs to ensure that we are doing our best to deliver quality services to them. We partnered with DrivenBI and The Loyola Group because they both share our business values which is evident in their commitment to providing us with high quality, proactive support.”

Through the joint partnership, DrivenBI and The Loyola Group have helped FSO identify and create over 65 KPI’s tracking performance that spans 31 different operational areas for FSO, streamlining their analysis processes and automating once time-consuming tasks.
“DrivenBI’s SRK gives us control of our data. We are able to dynamically build our analysis based specifically on the needs of our facilities. SRK is really making all of our lives easier and better,” concluded Mike.

About Friendship Senior Options
Friendship Senior Options ( is the not-for-profit organization that sponsors two of the Chicago area’s leading Continuing Care Retirement Communities: GreenFields of Geneva ( and Friendship Village of Schaumburg ( Friendship Senior Options is at the forefront of developing innovative solutions to satisfy the critical needs of the senior living marketplace. Friendship Senior Options provides a range of services for seniors in Chicago including independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing, rehabilitation therapy and memory support. For additional information call GreenFields of Geneva at 630-232-9105 or Friendship Village of Schaumburg at 847-490-6271.

About DrivenBI:
DrivenBI was founded in 2006, and is headquartered in Pasadena, CA. DrivenBI is a rapidly growing software company specializing in both cloud and on premise BI data analysis platform solutions, operating both in U.S. and Asia, with more than 200 customers worldwide. SRK is a breakthrough product offering Self-Service BI platform as an alternative to complex IT centric BI tools and Spreadsheets. SRK is highly competitive with its innovative business user centric BI infrastructure, removing the requirements for traditional ETL, Data Warehouse and Programming. SRK offers superior performance, and minimal IT dependency for set up and use. For more information, please contact Kathleen Douglas, SVP of Sales & Alliances, at kdouglas(at)drivenbi(dot)com or visit the company website at

About The Loyola Group
The Loyola Group provides technology leadership services to small and mid-sized organizations (partnerships, corporations, public companies, continuing care retirement communities, healthcare organizations, municipalities, and non-profit organizations). Their mission is to be an executive technology management solution for clients who want the services and sophistication of a professional firm, continuity of engagement personnel, personal attention from partners, and quality response. More information: