Founder and CEO of DrivenBI, Ben Tai, invited to speak at National Taipei University of Business (國立台北商業大學) and R Taiwan 2015

DrivenBI’s Founder and CEO Ben Tai was invited to speak at two seminars on Self-Service Analytics and The Cloud Drive User Empowerment in Taipei this past December. The first being held on Dec 16 organized by National Taipei University of Business Institute of Information and Decision Sciences and the second on Dec 18 organized by R Taiwan 2015 at Soochow University.

Citing a recent Webinar hosted by Aberdeen Group and DrivenBI, Ben introduced research studies regarding the industry trend for enterprises to become more data driven by empowering business users to easily procure data in the cloud and deliver self-service analysis. By moving away from traditional IT dependent BI tools as well as spreadsheet reporting and providing a self-service solution to their business users who are making just in time dynamic decisions, an enterprise can become best in class by enabling a more user driven analytical culture at the line of business level. Taking advantage of an easy to operate self-service, cloud-based analysis platform to perform flexible data analysis and streamline the reporting process is the first step. He then described in detail how DrivenBI’s SRK cloud based self-service analysis platform is able to analyze a plethora of different business data by breaking down data silos and how this would assist Taiwan enterprises with their current analysis by giving them better business flexibility and the ability to obtain timely insights in order to make better and just in time business decisions. Lastly, the main capabilities of SRK were demonstrated to support the studies to illustrate the idea of self-service analysis and cloud data hub and followed by a Q&A session.

The audience’s responses were extremely positive, many participants were enthusiastically asking questions during the session to understand more about how they can utilize SRK as their self-service analysis platform in the cloud. Through talks and seminars, DrivenBI would like to help enlighten more businesses on how they will be able to become more data driven and achieve best in class status through a self-service data analysis platform that is 100% cloud-based such as SRK.