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Utility Consumption Analytics

DrivenBI’s Utility Consumption Analytics (UCA) is a Smart Record Keeper (SRK) based vertical solution for Utility Management. UCA is designed to identify utility waste and savings opportunities for water, steam, natural gas, electricity and other utility systems for a wide range of businesses. With UCA you have information necessary for minimizing utility consumption and maximizing profitability of your manufacturing processes. Typically utility monitoring systems provide massive amounts of data on consumption, but are not useful in identifying waste. Additionally, these systems often require large capital outlay for hardware and software and tie up plant resources for training and maintenance.UCA is a Cloud based system therefore no additional hardware or software needs to be purchased or main- tained to support it. With internet access, any autho- rized person can view the system charts. This opens the door to remote monitoring by corporate management, sharing of data between plants, and use of third party entities to monitor system performance.

UCA Design Objectives:

  • Provide operators, supervisors, and managers information they need to understand utility usage in their facilities
  • Compare utility consumption against goals derived from actual prodcution volumes
  • Allow users to choose from a variety of pre-configured reports by utility, area, and time scale
  • Allow easy access to reference document for trouble-shooting
  • UCA Key Features:

    • Monitor actual usage against target usage
    • Adjust the target usage calculation
    • Alert and notify operators for process deviation in real time
    • Identify process deviation and methods for trouble-shooting
    • Minimize training and lower cost of ownership
    • Standard reports are available for each utility and each business unit
    • Custom reports easily configured by the user

    Shot Interval Chart

    This chart view allows monitoring of daily (or hourly) time slices and shows usage compared to a goal. Two levels of action limits with color coding flag users to areas of concern.

    Data Integrity

    Alerts users to data quality issues. Bad data points and Questionable data points are flagged to alert users to data quality issues. Predetermined values are substituted for Bad or Questionable data to maximize the usefulness of the charted data.

    Sliding Average Chart

    This view monitors a 30 day (or 24 hours) sliding average of utility consumption compared to the goal to help in identifying trends.

    Totalized Consumption

    This view shows separate line graphs for consumption and goal in engineering units. This monitors the cumulative impact of deviations in system performance on total utility consumption.