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SRK Value Proposition

DrivenBI’s SRK cloud-native self-service data analysis platform offers the alternative to expensive and complex IT dependent Business Intelligence (BI) tools and time-consuming, error-prone spreadsheet analysis. SRK is designed to empower nontechnical business users to develop dynamic analysis for decision making through its innovative approach that releases business users from having to depend on IT to build and maintain ETL processes and a Data Warehouse. Self-service with SRK means no reliance on IT infrastructure and technical programming skills. As a cloud-native data analysis platform, SRK also facilitates better collaboration, information sharing, security and access control, surpassing spreadsheet analysis in so many ways.

Nowadays, many businesses still rely on spreadsheets to deliver a majority of their ad-hoc and dynamic data analysis despite the fact that most of them already have some sort of BI system in place. There is a reason for that. Traditional BI solutions depend heavily on technologies such as ETL and Data Warehouse. And to get those pieces up and running would require IT expertise and the need to go through the traditional Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) which involves heavy lifting and IT’s formal processes for detailed requirements gathering, design, test and production builds, etc. Forrester Research indicated that SDLC is good for most traditional information system development. But these days what business users’ need the most are ad-hoc, dynamic and just-in-time analyses. Agile organizations cannot wait for all the data to be warehoused before making critical business decisions. Business users need the right self-service BI tools to help them make the right decision at the right time.

Spreadsheet is a tool for the single user rather than an analytical solution for the enterprise. Individual users may use spreadsheets as an alternative for their analyses, but using spreadsheets to build collaborative analysis is no easy task – errors in formulae are hard to debug, links to other spreadsheets are fragile and error-prone, a simple typo could easily break the calculations. While maintaining a properly functional spreadsheet is already difficult, it is also missing a number of critical enterprise level analytical capabilities -data and the logic for analyzing the data are not centralized, lack of a flexible security mechanism, record level access control, group collaboration, auditing of user activities, and so forth. All these make it impossible to deliver enterprise data analysis without expecting errors and deficiencies. SRK changes that in a fundamental way.

SRK is a cloud-native platform built from the ground up with the focus on offering self-service BI solutions to business users. To use SRK, you are no longer required to implement IT components such as ETL, Data Warehouse, OLAP, etc. and it requires absolutely no programming. As a result, business users can create data analysis such as reports and dashboards at a fraction of the time and cost compared to using IT dependent BI tools. SRK-enabled data analyses, compared to spreadsheet analyses, are currently managed, highly secured, and easily shareable for connecting and collaborating with others.

In the popular market space, i.e., self-service data analysis, which offers an alternative to expensive IT dependent BI tools and error-prone spreadsheets, SRK is a breakthrough product. SRK is competitive with its patented innovations such as creating analysis without having to build a data warehouse, ease of use without programming, generating multi-dimensional analysis without having to create OLAP cubes, supporting analysis against Big Data including structured and unstructured data and minimizing IT dependency for set up and use. SRK currently supports three (3) languages, English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. Business users who have a good understanding of their data and are comfortable with spreadsheet analysis, find SRK easy to learn and intuitive to work with. SRK gives them the means to access real-time, accurate data and to centralize and maintain their logic and calculations all within a secure and collaborative environment. To fulfill various customer preferences, SRK is available as public cloud or on-premise private cloud, with subscription or perpetual license.

In addition, DrivenBI partnered with Salesforce to provide SRK to Salesforce customers by aggregating both Salesforce and non-Salesforce data sources to deliver distributed and unified performance comparison such as between sales forecasts and actual revenue across sales teams, product lines, and etc. all inside of the Salesforce CRM system.

SRK also embraces the power of Big Data. Behind the scenes, SRK supports multi-dimensional data analysis which is generated dynamically without requiring users to create a data warehouse and OLAP cubes. The SRK analysis engine is built on top of Hadoop. SRK is able to process various types and enormous volumes of data, supporting analysis scenarios that are impossible to accomplish using relational database technology, and at the same time offers great performance.

ROI – Savings in time and costs for adopting SRK include:

  • Flexibility of analysis dynamically built by business user vs. analysis built by IT based on static requirements.
  • Elimination of building and maintaining IT dependent BI infrastructure including ETL, Data Warehouse, and Programming.
  • Release of IT from having to support business users for ad-hoc reporting and dynamic analysis.
  • Reliability of accurate data secured in one central location over distributed spreadsheets of data throughout the organization.
  • Sustainability of a single version of calculations replacing multiple versions of calculations being used by different users in their own spreadsheets for the same analysis.
  • Actionable sharing of data centralized in SRK and associating shared data (tasks) with specific analysis results.
  • 100% multi-tenant cloud architecture of SRK enabling the immediate benefit of any SRK enhancements to all users worldwide. SRK uses an agile development approach to continually improve and expand its power and applicability for its users.