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Sales and Policy Renewals: Analyzed

SRK replaces spreadsheets in your Salesforce analysis

Looking to build your own dashboard in an hour, not a month?
Want flexible reporting when you need it without waiting for IT?
SRK, the next generation of cloud data analysis for business
Dive into the new world of self-service analysis with SRK

Do it all inside Salesforce.

Most businesses still do their analysis on spreadsheets; SRK changes that in a big way.
Exporting Salesforce reports into spreadsheets? Gone.

  • Relying on spreadsheets to analyze cross-functional information? Out the window.
  • With SRK, users manage and share their analysis all in one place, all inside Salesforce.

Connect and collaborate:

  • Policy Renewals Analysis: Monitor renewal activity by combining policy contract data with sales reports in Salesforce.
  • Finance Analysis: Calculate and analyze agent commissions by combining quota and commission schedules from spreadsheets with sales reports in Salesforce.
  • Claims Analysis: Compare target to actual number of claims by combining data from your operations with sales reports in Salesforce.

No spreadsheets. No programming. No data warehouse.

SRK for Salesforce allows you to unify, analyze, and present both Salesforce reports and non-Salesforce data sources in dynamic user views, shareable report snapshots and intuitive dashboard creation.
Are you ready to take control of your own analysis?
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