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Manufacturing: Optimized

Manufacturing: Optimized


How does a manufacturing company constantly stay on top of production to ensure optimal production output that will meet market demands and maximize profits? It takes endless gathering of large amounts of operational data from their sales, marketing, inventory, and other data sources to help create their production data analysis. This is not just a tedious, error-prone process, but often times this analysis lags, creating extended periods of limited visibility and needless loss of business opportunities.

SRK Self-Service Analysis Platform in the cloud, allows business users to create their own production data analysis with absolutely no programming, no data warehouse, no more reliance on IT centric BI tools and no more spreadsheet analysis. SRK lets users centralize all of their data and business logic securely and create actionable sharing to respond to just-in-time changes in their business requirements. Furthermore, users no longer have to be limited by one dimensional static reporting generated by the disparate operational systems which support sales and manufacturing but lack real time cross functional analysis. Users can now have the flexibility to design their own analysis to monitor the production output associated with specific product lines and make the appropriate adjustments to achieve maximum market performance.

SRK: Transforming a Manual Reporting into Automatic Analysis

With the ongoing reporting issues, the manufacturing company was experiencing tremendous inefficiencies in producing the ideal production output to generate revenue, drive profit, and guide sales and marketing promotion on specific product lines. The root cause was traced back to their inability to share and compare data from their CRM reports for sales and marketing, ERP reports for inventory, distribution channels’ reports, as well as other data sources. This resulted in the manufacturing company not having enough visibility and flexibility to accurately control production volume based on market demands.

The manufacturing company sought a solution that could automatically cross-reference and analyze production and market demands to replace existing manual process of exporting data and mashing massive spreadsheets to gain insights in real-time. Standing apart from traditional BI reporting solutions that proved to be too IT intensive, their users employ SRK to create customizable dashboards, automated features, and collaboration tools. The manufacturing company is now able to monitor the performance of their sales and production in real-time to deliver the ideal production output to specific product lines. Furthermore, they set thresholds and automatic notifications when there is a need to increase production output without a minute delay, to prevent any lose in revenue opportunity caused by short product supply to the market. Lastly, their users take advantage of SRK’s Shareable Reports and Task Assignments to transform the manufacturing company’s analyses into a collaborative hub, helping teams and facilities achieve actionable sharing across multiple locations, seamlessly and securely.

Generating Real-Time Collaborative Results in the HITRUST Private Cloud

  • With SRK, users aggregates raw data from various sources and centralizes the analytical logic to consistently and reliably deliver just-in-time sales and production insights
  • Users can easily design their own SRK dashboards to monitor performances to produce just-in-time insights to help acquire ideal production volumes.
  • Self service SRK reports and task assignments ensure that insights and analyses can easily transform into actionable solutions.
  • As a centrally managed solution, SRK enables real-time, cross-departmental collaboration


  • Assured visibility into the manufacturing company’s sales and production performance
    Automatic alerts for efficient production volume adjustments
  • Actionable sharing and collaboration
  • Reduction in human error
  • Less reliance on IT and increase in IT’s bandwidth