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Inventory Control: Simplified

Inventory Control: Simplified

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Company Profile

One of the largest auto retailer dealership groups needed to drive inventory control across 40 dealerships and their service departments. Faced with scrutiny over persistent inventory issues resulting in costly parts surpluses and shortages, the central headquarters sought a solution that could automatically cross-reference and analyze parts demand and real time inventory stock levels among all dealerships.

Before using SRK     Now with SRK
  • Individual dealerships could not easily share and cross-reference data from ERP systems in use to provide real-time inventory levels, leading to tremendous inefficiencies in servicing customers
  • Analysis logic scattered across different dealerships and multiple spreadsheets often increased the amount of human error, resulting in inaccurate inventory levels.
  • When parts surpluses and deficits were finally detected, operations were already negatively affected by increased costs across dealership territories.
  • Automatically consolidate data from multiple data sources within geographically dispersed locations to yield just-in-time inventory analysis insights to both headquarter management and local service departments.
  • Centralized analysis logic increases accuracy by immediately balancing current inventories across all dealerships.
  • Automatic alerts immediately identify parts approaching the upper or lower limit of current inventory levels, allowing efficient replenishment as needed to avoid costly surpluses and shortages.

  • Achieved accurate and real time visibility into quantity and quality of inventory to increase efficiency in servicing customers.
  • Improved inventory tracking by setting upper and lower inventory thresholds to send automatic alerts for efficient parts replenishment, reduce inventory cycle time, and decrease inventory costs.