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Gaming Industry: Realized

Gaming Industry: Realized

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DrivenBI delivers real-time collaborative data analysis

The eSports scene has grown to uncontrollable heights, with bigger tournaments, larger viewership, and millions of gamers playing every single minute. This sudden boom in popularity has increased the demand for companies, i.e., gaming producers to understand the habits of its users in order to come up with the most effective marketing strategies.

The standard approach to analysis is to use spreadsheets to manually aggregate a basic summary report compiling click rates. Time-consuming and costly, it lacks the just in time analysis that is needed to proactively uncover important insights from user behaviors to determine which games are more marketable and to which specific user groups.

Game clicks are collected in real time and dynamic dashboards with charts visually help gaming producers acquire a deeper understanding of up to the minute user trends. Who, when, and what do we promote are answers that SRK can reveal.

SRK: Transforming a Manual Reporting into Automatic Analysis

Due to the influx of new avid gamers, gaming producers must adapt to the ever-changing demographic that makes up today’s eSports community. What are the teenagers interested in? What are the adults interested in? Has a game been around too long?

SRK allows game producers to automatically cross-reference and analyze game usage and trends over time. Thresholds with automatic alerts tell them when a certain game needs to be replaced and what fad currently dominates the community.

Take Action

  • Create dynamic user views, sharable report snapshots and real-time trending dashboards
  • Tract activity and spot trends
  • Set thresholds to stay on top of user usage
  • Customize analysis for mangement and partners
  • Automate alerts when milestones are met
  • Encourage actionable collaboration with tasks and comments

Get Results

  • Realize each game’s potential by Unlock insightful data
  • Target promotions to specific groups
  • Drive better marketing strategies Independence from IT