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Investigation KPIs: Deployed

Investigation KPIs: Deployed

DrivenBI enables real-time cross-functional data analysis

How does an investigation management system that is utilized by over 50 insurance carriers worldwide deploy self-service data analysis for its clients? With carriers located across the world and each processing thousands of claims every day, they required an analysis platform that would enable their clients to customize KPIs and reports to each of their needs. Understanding that data-driven analysis can enhance their clients’ ability to communicate with their customers, management teams, and employees, they sought a self-service and collaborative analysis platform designed for non-technical users.

DrivenBI’s cloud-based analysis engine, SRK, is purpose-built to enable business users to customize and share dynamic KPI analyses and reports, offering enterprise-grade analytics coupled with consumer-grade ease of use and delivered in a fraction of the time and cost required by other solutions.

SRK: Transforming a Manual Process into Automatic Analysis

SRK is designed from the ground-up as a centralized, cloud-based solution, allowing the investigation management system to deploy SRK to their clients worldwide without additional hardware or software. Distinct from other standard reporting solutions that proved to be too programming intensive, SRK was easily implemented alongside their investigation management platform with no IT involvement. With SRK, each of their clients are now able to produce analyses and reports conveniently through the cloud.

With each carrier utilizing differing KPIs, SRK’s highly flexible and user-friendly analysis tools allowed each carrier to customize their own KPIs without any programming. By utilizing SRK’s customizable dashboards, automated features, and collaboration tools, their clients are now able to implement custom KPIs such as “Video Impact %” and set automatic notification to monitor for problems, allowing them to automate more processes and reduce cycle times. Management teams can now gather data updates and collaborate in real-time to make faster and better decisions.

Lastly, SRK’s Shareable Reports and Task Assignment System transforms analyses into a collaborative hub, helping insurance branches and their agents achieve actionable sharing across multiple locations, seamlessly and securely.

Generating Real-Time Collaborative Results in the Cloud

  • SRK enables business users to customize their own analyses, reports, and dashboards without requiring any programming or dependency on IT.
  • SRK dashboards monitor investigation performance to yield just-in-time analytical insights.
  • SRK reports and task assignments ensure that analyses and insights can easily be transformed into actionable solutions.
  • As a centrally managed solution, SRK enables real-time, cross-departmental collaboration.

Get Results

  • Assured visibility of financial, operational, and agent performance for their clients
  • Automatic alerts for efficient investigation and agent management
  • Actionable sharing and collaboration
  • Reduction in human error
  • Independence from IT